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  • Honey Articles information about honey and general articles.

  • Honey And Ancient Medicine Examples of bizarre ways honey was used in ancient medicine, such as mixing honey with a pig’s eye, then pouring it into the ear ..... to cure blindness!

  • Toxic Honey ("Mad Honey") The earliest form of chemical warfare may date back to Turkey, 65 BC. Surprisingly, honey bees played a role, producing toxic honey, also known as ‘mad honey’.

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More articles about bees

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More articles about bees and plants

Articles about bees and foraging

  • Why Do Bees Need Nectar And Pollen? A look at this question from the perspective of different types of bees.

  • Plants Toxic For Bees It may surprise readers to learn that some plants produce nectar which is toxic or at least harmful, to bees.  Here is a list of plants detrimental to bees, and discussion as to the theories about why plants might produce nectar that would harm potential pollinators.

  • Why do bees visit some flowers and not others? Here are 6 reasons Reasons include: Food reward offered, nectar refill rate of the flower, foraging preferences of the bee species, seasonality, and peak nectar production.

Bee sting reactions
A description of possible reactions and what to do

Bees love clover!

Bees love clover!
It's great in lawns, saves mowing, and council's could save money by planting it!


Bee-Themed Car Stickers And More

Save the bees plant flowers car bumper sticker
Don't worry bee happy car bumper sticker
Bee kind bee-themed car bumper sticker

Read about the Chocolate Mining Bee

chocolate mining bee image linking to page about this species

Click the cartoon below to go to free, downloadable puzzles and coloring pages!

bee themed coloring pages and puzzles

Do bees sleep?
Apparently they do, but how do we know?

Sleeping honey bees, links to the page 'Do bees sleep?'

Ever wondered......
Do bumble bees make honey?

bumble bee foraging on hemp agrimony links to page called Do bumble bees make honey?

How Eating Organic
Helps The Bees

If you have found a bee and don't know what to do
click here

Government bee scientist
(Helen Thompson of Fera) behind controversial study joins pesticide firm!

Read more

Help the bees

Help with honey bees
Help with carpenter bees

Honey Bees For Sale?
Tips for beginners.

Honey Glaze Recipes

From classic glazes to glazes with a 'twist'

Honey Glazed Ham Recipes:

The classic recipe and more

What's the real difference?

Honey vs Sugar

How Can Councils Help The Bees?
Ideas To Share

Bees love kale flowers!

Bees love kale!

Harvest the leaves in year 1, and continue harvesting in year 2 until the plant produces flowers. The pale yellow, fragrant flowers are loved by all kinds of bees!

Read about my favourite fruit & veg for bees.

Korsakov's 'The flight Of The Bumble bee'

Create a
lawn for bees

Gardeners Beware!

Did you know?  Bees love lime trees - but some imports are believed to be toxic for bees!

Read more

Excerpt from 'A Sting In The Tale' by Professor Dave Goulson (also author of Bumblebee Behaviour And Ecology):

Page 128:

"Buff-tailed and white tailed bumblebees love the flowers of lime trees, although there is something in the nectar which seems to make them dopey and even sometimes kill them".

John Lewis-Stempel

A review of this beautiful nature diary

John Lewis-Stempel

The Strange Disappearance of the Bees

Interview with producer of the film, Mark Daniels

Did You Know?

Not all bees can sting!  Many bees (probably most) are fairly docile and harmless!

Which Bees Sting?

bumble bee on sea holly flower links to page about Bee sting facts

Did You Know?

More people are killed by lightning than bee stings!  Read:

Bee Sting Facts


How many times per second can a bumble bee beat it's wings?

Click here

Wacky Fact!

Did You Know?

Male honey bees (drones) 
have no father, but they do have a grandfather!

Does that sound impossible? Read:

About Drones!

Wacky Fact

Did you know?

If the honey bee queen is removed 
from a hive, within 15 minutes,
the rest of the colony
will know about it!  Read about 

The Honey Bee Queen

Did You Know?

Honey will keep indefinitely in a jar.

Facts About Honey


How far must honey bees fly to produce a pound of honey?

Honey bee facts

Find out by visiting

Honey Bee Facts

What is the name of the largest bee in the world?

Find out and read more facts about bees

Apple cider vinegar and honey

Are there any benefits of taking Apple Cider Vinegar
and Honey?

Interesting research, recipes and tips 

If you kill wasps you may only attract more of them.

Read about:

Preventing Wasp Stings

If you kill wasps you may only attract more!

Find out how to deter wasps here.

Wasps play an important role in the ecosystem.  Read about:

Wasp Pollination

a yellow and black wasp queen on a pale pink rose flower.
body snatcher wasp side view - image links to a page about this subject

Body Snatcher Wasps!

Why are farmers turning to wasps to help them control crop eating pests?

Watch the Body Snatcher Wasp

Dan Rather report on bees


Did You Know?

Honey is food stored by honey bees
to see them through the winter?

Read about

Why Bees Make Honey

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