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What Is Honey?

A description of honey, explained by scientific formula, and information about the different types of honey.

Why Do Bees Make Honey?

It's actually the winter stores of food for honey bees!  This page explains more.

How Do Bees Make Honey?

It takes a huge amount of effort for honey bees to make honey. This page describes the process and the work of bees.

Honey Facts

Some quick facts about honey. For example, did you know honey is the only food made by insects, and eaten by humans?

Honey In Ancient Medicine

How about mixing honey with a pig’s eye, then pouring it into the ear to cure blindness?

Manuka Honey

Ever wondered what New Zealand Manuka honey is, and what's so special about it?

Honey Vs Sugar

Are they really so different? A comparison of sugar versus honey.

Honey Nutrition

Information about the nutritional content of honey.

Buying Honey

Buying honey and avoiding contaminated products.

Honey Recipes

From cakes and tea breads to salad dressings.

Cactus Honey

What is Cactus Honey, and is it made by bees?

Crystallized Honey

Why does honey crystallize, and what can you do about it?

Substitutes for Honey

There are various substitutes for honey, whether you are looking for a replacement in a recipe, or you're interested in using it as beauty treatment.

Honey & Vinegar Diet

Honey and vinegar have been combined to aid weight loss.....but what does the science say?

Honey and Diabetes

Is honey suitable for diabetics?  Actually - no!  Here's the information.

Organic Honey

Producing and buying certified organic honey is not an easy business. Find out more here.

Calories in Honey

A break down of the calorific value of honey.

Health Benefits Of Honey

From honey and cinnamon cures to apple cider vinegar and honey diets, and honey and vinegar remedies, are there any health benefits of honey, or is it just old wives tales?

Beauty Benefits

A look at some of the claims made and why honey is sometimes added to various beauty treatments.

Honey And Weight Loss

Can honey help you lose weight? Information here.

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