About Honey

About honey

Did you know that honey is made thanks to the efforts of thousands of honey bees, and is actually their winter stores of food, or that honey is the only food made by insects, and eaten by humans as well as the insects?

Here are links to pages providing lots of information about honey. 

Honey is absolutely fascinating.  It has long been prized throughout cultures and history, not only for its sweet taste but also for its health-giving properties.  Even the beekeeper to King Charles I of England once said:

    "A  bee is a most magnificent chemist".

On this page there are links to lots of interesting information about honey.

Did you know that in ancient times, it was thought that mixing honey with a pig’s eye, then pouring it into the ear could cure blindness, and that cats can't taste honey?  You can also read about how mead is made, and how honey was once used in a kind of chemical warfare.

Here you'll also find links to lots of background  information about honey, including an explanation of what honey actually is and how its made, information about the different types of honey available, as well as links to recipes, the nutritional profile of honey, comparisons with other sweeteners, buying tips, and a look at what makes honey taste sweet. 

From honey and cinnamon cures to apple cider vinegar and honey diets, and honey and vinegar remedies, are there any health benefits of honey, or is it just old wives tales?

There are various substitutes for honey, and links to comparisons of honey with other sweeteners.

I hope you enjoy learning all about honey!

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