Beekeeping Videos

Here are 8 short and useful beekeeping videos offering tips on techniques for things like inspecting a hive, building Varroa mite out of the bee hive, useful beekeeping tools, swarm catching, and converting from frame to top bar hives.

7 of these videos were created by beekeeping guru, Phil Chandler.

Video 1: Handy pocket-beekeeping tools

....including a great idea for an icing/powdered sugar puffer!!

Video 2: How to catch a honey bee swarm

Video 3: Designing Varroa out of a Top Bar bee hive

Read more about Varroa, including natural treatments.

Videos 4, 5 & 6: how to convert from a framed bee hive to a top bar hive

Bees naturally build their honey combs downwards.

Top Bar hives allow for this natural behaviour.

These next beekeeping videos demonstrate how to convert from a framed bee hive to a top bar hive.

The 'chop and crop' technique is used to ensure minimal disturbance to the bees.

When transferring bees from a Dadant beehive, to a Top Bar bee hive, such a task is best performed during the first half of the season.

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Video 7: How to check up on a top bar bee hive

Video 8: Two queens in a hive and supersedure

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