About Hornets

Hornets are a type of large wasp belonging to the family Vespa, and as is the case with other wasps, they are related to bees.

But how do hornets compare with bees and wasps, are their stings really the most painful, and how do bees deal with these cousins when under attack?

Follow the links below to read more about hornets and their relationship with other wasps, and bees.

European hornet  Vespa crabro warns off a social wasp (yellow jacket) from sweet food source

Wasps vs Hornets - What's the difference?
Some wasps, notably those in the 'yellowjacket' group, are similar in some ways to hornets, but how are they different?

bald-faced hornet feeding on Golden rod - solidago

About Bald-faced Hornets - and why they're not true hornets at all!

Giant Asian Hornet

Do Bees Defend Themselves Against Hornets?
Hornets may sometimes attack bees, but some bees have evolved ways of dealing with hornets!

Asian hornet Vespa velutina on a white flower

Bees Vs Hornets
Bees and hornets are related species.  How do they compare?

hornet on ivy flowers

Bees vs Wasps vs Hornet Stings
Do hornets really have the more painful sting, and which sting is the most toxic?

Vespa crabro European hornet sting

Do Bees And Hornets Have The Same Venom?
A comparison between the venom found in bee and wasp stingers.

bald-faced hornet feeding on Golden rod - solidago

Hornets In Dreams
What could it mean to dream about hornets?