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I hope my range of cards will put a smile on the recipient's face!  They can be personalized, and many of the greeting cards are illustrated inside too - this can only be seen by clicking on a card in the on-line store itself (where you will also see other items, such as t-shirts and car stickers).  

All of the cards and stickers below, plus wrapping paper and tissue, can be purchased on the link to the store below, simply select the relevant flag for your country.  

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General Greeting Cards

bee sitting on a flower
bee giving a flower 'for you'

Bee-Themed Valentine's Day Cards

bee giving a flower

bee carrying a love heart

General Romance

'I think you....are beeautiful'

bee giving a flower

Bee-Themed Birthday Cards

happy birthday card - bees and flowers and love heart
happy birthday card - bees and flowers a
happy birthday card - 2 bees sitting on flowers

Bee-themed Mother's Day Cards

happy mothers day card with a young bee giving mummy bee a flower
mothers day card with 2 bees sitting on flowers - a mummy be and a baby bee 'I love you mum'

Bee-themed St George's Day Card

st george's day card with shield of st george and bee carrying a red rose

Bee-themed St David's Day Card

st david's day greeting card with 3 bees and daffodils

Bee-themed St Patrick's Day Card

st patricks day card - bees and clover on a green love heart with dark green background


anniversary card - love heart and 2 bees

Bee-Themed Car Stickers And More

Save the bees plant flowers car bumper sticker
Don't worry bee happy car bumper sticker
Bee kind bee-themed car bumper sticker

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leafcutter bee on sweet pea plant sweet peas for bees