Bee Pollen

This section features an exploration of the uses and claimed benefits of bee pollen. Are they real, or is it just hype?

In order to find an answer, the scientific evidence is taken into account along with nutritional data. However, new research reports are gratefully received.

The aim of the information below, is not to bombard, but to provide an outline of some key findings that is fair and reasonable.

For example, in looking at nutritional data, how does it compare with ordinary, every day foods: such as an apple, or kale.

Why look at it in this way?

Quite simply, because it is sold as a supplement, and therefore the question:

"Is it worth spending my money on it?" may be on your lips.

You have to decide yourself whether to go ahead, or leave it - and certainly it's fair to say that different sources of information have contrasting views on the benefits of bee pollen to human health, nutrition and weight loss.

Whatever you decide, I hope you find the information below useful.

Finally, general pages of related interest have been linked to this section also - for example, 'Pollen Count', and for the reasons described below.

Health Benefits
A number of claims are made about health benefits, from reports about effects upon eye sight, to improved athletic performance and anti-aging properties. Take a look as some summaries of the evidence.

Use In Weight Loss
An investigation made into the claims about its uses as a weight loss aid, and a nutritional support to those on a weight loss program.

Side Effects
If you are going to take it, do look out for these side effects. Some side effects are not at all serious, but be aware of those which are potentially more dangerous.

How To Take It
A description of the formats available and the different ways to take it, from capsule and granule supplements, to pollen directly from the hive, to combination products presented in drinks.

What Is It?
First, what is different about it? Can't we simply eat pollen directly from flowers? Read this for the answer.

Nutritional Benefits
A look at the nutritional value of bee pollen, in comparison with every day foods: the humble apple, and kale. The data is organised into tables.

Use for allergies?

General introduction
Background page about my general thoughts regarding bee pollen and the benefits claimed.

Other Topics Of Interest

Why Do Bees Need It?
Nothing in nature is wasteful. Information about how bees use nectar and pollen.

Pollen Count
There are misunderstandings about hayfever, and pollen from bees. Although people can suffer allergic reactions to bee pollen, nevertheless, the pollen which causes hayfever allergy is different. It is usually generated by wind pollinated plants (and therefore, it is the kind of pollen not collected by bees). This page provides links for hayfever sufferers looking for resources that will provide a daily update of pollen levels measured in the atmosphere.

Pollen Stain Removal
Did you brush up against a vase of lilies? Did you get flower pollen on your best tablecloth? Here is some advice about removing stains.

Vital to the food we eat, here you’ll find links explaining how pollination occurs, and the importance of insects.

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