Bees And Pollen

Updated: 2nd April 2020

There is pollen, and there's 'bee pollen'. 

Pollen is found on or inside flower heads, and is a very important source of protein and nutrients for bees.  'Bee pollen' is often vaunted as a 'super food'.  It's the pollen gathered by honey bees, gathered from the beehive by beekeepers.

  • Why Do Bees Need Nectar And Pollen?

    Why do bees need nectar and pollen – and how do they use it? A look at this question from the perspective of different types of bees.

  • What Is Pollen?

    What is pollen? A definition of pollen, the different types of pollen, plus links to information about pollination

  • Interrogating Health Claims: Example - Bee Pollen

    Bee Pollen - before you believe any claims you read about its special superfood properties, just think about it!

  • Bee Pollen And Weight Loss

    Bee Pollen And Weight Loss - is there any evidence that bee pollen can help you to lose excess weight, or act as a weight loss aid? Or is it just marketing?

  • What is Bee Pollen?

    What is Bee Pollen? Is it good for you? Links to information regarding claimed benefits and nutrition. Is bee pollen a 'Super Food'?

  • Pollen Stain Removal

    Tips for pollen stain removal - how to remove and how to prevent pollen staining your clothes, garments and furniture.

  • How Do Bees Collect Pollen?

    Pollen may stick to the hairy bodies of bees, and depending on species, may be carried back to the nest on hind legs, beneath the abdomen or in the crop.

  • Fennel Pollen And Nectar

    Fennel Pollen - Bees love fennel! How to grow it, gather it, and the many uses of fennel seeds and pollen.

  • Pollen Count Today

    What’s The Pollen Count Today? Find out your local pollen count by geographical area. Mold count also available. Also, take a look at these hayfever tips.

  • Bee Pollen For Allergies

    Bee Pollen For Allergies - Here, we look at the theory and evidence for using bee pollen for allergies – especially food intolerance.

  • Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

    Are there any health benefits of bee pollen to humans, or is it just hype? An honest interrogation of the claims and research used to support them.

  • How To Take Bee Pollen

    Information about how to take bee pollen, with links to further detail about formats, bee pollen nutrition, and a look at the benefits of bee pollen.

  • Bee Pollen Side Effects

    Bee Pollen Side Effects: Symptoms to look out for. Know when to seek medical advice.

  • Bee Pollen Nutrition

    FACTS about the nutritional content of bee pollen, and comparisons with every day foods.

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