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Did France ban neonicotinoids?
Well...sort of but not exactly.  The ban does not come into effect for some years, but by then, the next generation of neonics will be on the market - 3 approved by the EU already.  The new neonics are not classified as 'neonics', so they won't be covered.  Who decides on the chemical classifications?  The agrochemical industry of course.

Many farmers can and do want to help bees and the environment
A couple of items written by (non-organic) farmers, who nevertheless, want to farm in a better way.

Bees, government transparency and anonymity
Should influential civil servants have the right to anonymity when they publish dodgy 'research' etc etc?  I was asked to remove the names of civil servants in relation to a report they had written.  Here is my response.

EU fails to ban Sulfoxaflor

Because of political games!  Bees are more important than politics! 

Bees, Farming and the EU
What now for bees in the UK following Brexit?

World Wide Integrated Assessment of the Impact of Systemic Pesticides on Biodiversity and Ecosystems
A synthesis of 1,121 published peer-reviewed studies spanning the last five years, including industry-sponsored ones.

Bees, Pollen Beetle Thresholds And Insecticides
When you look at the research, it seems farmers may well be using insecticides when they do not need to.  But this is hardly a surprise if so much of the information they receive is from those with a vested interest in selling more chemicals.  But this is not good for bees or the environment.


What's The Point Of Neonicotinoids?
Research raises doubts about the benefits of neonicotinoids to crop yield.  It also highlights the notion that farmers need to have access to truly independent information before treating their crops.

Farmers Must Have Independent Information About 'Crop Pest Threat'
Actually a letter, but containing interesting information and the proposal that farmers need access to independent information about the reality or illusion of crop pest threat.

Neonicotinoids Are Not Yet Banned In Europe
Contrary to popular belief!  What has happened is a restriction to some neonicotinoids.

British Beekeepers Concerned About Neonicotinoids
A survey of actual beekeepers, which appears to suggest the views of beekeepers are at odds with the stance of the association.

Bees, Farming And Neonicotinoids - Some False Beliefs
Based on communications with an actual farmer.

Neonicotinoids And Disease In Bees And Non-Target Invertebrates
Looking at a Bayer's own information.

Bees Poisoned In California
Governments are still dithering whilst 80,000 honey bee colonies are poisoned in California alone.  What are the governments playing at?

Bringing Nature Home

Neonicotinoid Data And Regulatory Shortcomings
It probably won't surprise many people - EFSA found much of the data submitted by agrochemical companies to support their poisons inadequate.

Environment Audit Committee Report
The UK Government body investigated the issue of neonicotinoids and impacts on bees and other non-target insects.  Here is a summary of their findings.

The Crop Protection Association (CPA) And Their View Of Pollinators
Accurate or warped?  The CPA is body representing the pesticide industry.

EFSA Report On Neonicotinoids
A summary of key findings.  Guess what?  They found that those they looked at, had not been properly tested.....

Is there global evidence that neonicotinoids harm bees?There is so much evidence, I can hardly keep up!  But here is a brief overview of at least a small part of the evidence available.  More can be found on the internet, of course.

The ICPBR - What Is It?
It may surprise readers to learn that the so-called International Commission For Plant Bee Relationships has a number of working groups, and that the 'Bee Protection Group' at the time of writing, appears to be largely comprised of industry, and industry friendly government regulators.

Honey Bee Pesticide Poisoning Incidents and WIIS
The UK supposedly has a system for collecting data on the poisoning of wildlife by pesticides.  It apparently collects data on honey bee poisonings. But how well does this scheme work in reality?

EU Restriction Of Neonicotinoids - Is It Enough?
Contrary to popular belief, neonicotinoids have not been banned in the EU. A few have been restricted (the ones that have been assessed) from certain uses.  Other uses are still permitted, and those not assessed by EFSA are still on the market.  What use, therefore, it the restriction, if any?

Neonicotinoids And AIDs in Bees And Other Wildlife, And The Impact On The Environment And Human Health
An in-depth look at the impact of neonicotinoid insecticides as a cause of Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDs) in bees, butterflies, moths, bats, birds, and amphibians, by Dr Rosemary Mason and Palle Uhd Jepsen. The work also includes information about general environmental impact as well as impact on human health.

Bee Poisonings - Pesticide Companies Must Be Held To Account
Comment on an article in The Guardian newspaper by Alison Benjamin, following the Permanent People's Tribunal held by Pesticide Action Network.

Clothianidin Information
A summary of factual information, by Dr Rosemary Mason.

Tom Theobald Video
Well known beekeeper and campaigner, Tom Theobald speaks out about neonicotinoid pesticides and the damage to his honey bee colonies.

Honey Bee Health - Should Big Agrochemical Companies Be Given Incentives To Develop "Medicines" For Bees?
So first agrochemical companies get away with marketing and selling chemicals toxic for bees, and then irony of all ironies, there is an EU parliamentary motion to incentivize and assist them with producing and marketing 'bee medicines'!  Can the world get much more ridiculous than that?

Dan Rather Report On Bees And Neonicotinoids
TV Journalist, Dan Rather looks into the issue of honey bee deaths and colony losses.

Honey bee die offs have happened before why we be concerned this time?

'It's happened before and it wasn't systemic insecticides last time, so it can't be neonicotinoids this time'.  Why this is an erroneous argument.

Bee hive losses in California
Report on the plight of bees and beekeepers, and tragic colony losses

Neonicotinoids in your bee-friendly plants?
Plants we buy may be laced with toxins.

Global impact of neonicotinoids
Impact of neonics across the globe.

Bees, pesticides and the future of farming
With Prof Dave Goulson.

UK Conservation and Brexit
With comment from Prof Dave Goulson

UK Government could back a full ban on neonicotinoids
According to DEFRA Minister, Michael Gove.

British Beekeepers Still Concerned About Neonicotinoids, According To Survey

Richard North And Christopher Booker Wrong About Bees And Neonicotinoids

Did The UK Government Approve Sulfoxaflor Or Flupyradifurone?
In fact, the EU approved these first.  The UK government did NOT follow suit.

EU fails to ban Sulfoxaflor
Later, they also approved Flupyradifurone?


BirdLife International: Decline Of Europe's Farmland Birds

Honey bee documentaries 
Some investigating the reported loss of honey bee colonies.

Effects of Glysophate on honey bees

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