Recipes Using Honey

Here are links to recipes using honey, including cakes, glazes, dressings, and even variations of honey butter. Some of these recipes are classics, some have ‘a twist’. 

Below you will also find links to other types of recipes using honey, such as for dieting and natural remedies.

Honey Recipes For Dressings, Cooking And Baking

Honey Mustard Dressing Recipe
A number of different dressings to try using honey and mustard. This page also includes some other recipes for dressings, including honey garlic dressings, and even a dressing using honey, lemon and yoghurt.

Honey Glaze Recipes
All different kinds of recipes using honey to make the ideal glaze. Some classic recipes, including honey mustard glaze, but you may also like to try adding citrus fruits or soy sauce. Would you like to experiment with alternatives to honey, such as maple syrup or apricot jelly? Recipes are included on this page.

Honey Baked Ham
Including variations!  Also, how is Hickory Ham different to Honey Baked Ham?

Honey Baked Chicken
Along with a variety of ideas for different glazes suitable for use with chicken.

Honey Butter Recipes
Choose from a range of recipes using honey to make a rich butter to spread on tea breads or even toast. As usual, you will find a classic recipe, along with options to include oranges, walnuts, cinnamon, spices, rum or brandy, vanilla and almonds.

Honey Cake Recipes
A couple of recipes to try, including a Polish Honey Cake Recipe and a Spiced Honey Cake Recipe. There are also suggestions for alternatives to using honey if you find you run out!

Banana And Honey Teabread
Try it with a selection of toppings

An very old, alcoholic honey drink.  Information and mead and how it is made.

Bee's Knees Cocktail

The origins of this famous gin drink, and a recipe.

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Honey Recipes For Health

Honey and Cinnamon Recipes
Combining honey and cinnamon is said to help against a number of ailments. Is there any truth in them? I don’t know, but in any event, you will find recipes using honey and cinnamon here.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Diet
Want to try this apple cider vinegar and honey diet to lose weight? Here is a recipe, and an explanation of why it is believed to work. However, if taking vinegar does not appeal to you, an easy alternative is provided! Find out more on this page!

Vinegar And Honey
Vinegar and honey recipes for making home remedies. Again, I cannot say that they work as I have never tried them, but here they are!


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