Explore The World Of Bees!

Did you know, there are about 25,000 types of bee in the world, with probably more species awaiting discovery?

Were you aware that most species are solitary, that males cannot sting, and that collectively, they help to pollinate an estimated one third of all the food we eat?  

Find out more about bees and how you can help them ...

Does Honey Go Bad?

jar of honey tied with brown string, on a table with fresh honey comb

Is It Okay To Kill Bees In Order To Study Them?

'We owe the bees.  Act accordingly'. quote from Lars Chittka, The Mind Of A Bee

Science Shows Honey Can Help Treat Cold Sores

jar of clear honey and a honey dipper on a log

Are Native Plants Better For Bees?

Blue Mason Bee Osmia caerulescens in-flight

How Long Do Bees Live?

bumble bee on yellow birdsfoot trefoil flower

Do Bees Fly At Night?

tropical carpenter bee Xylocopa latipes

Do Bees Have Knees?

 Stelis breviuscula - Little Dark Bee -female, foraging on a yellow Dandelion flower

Do Bees Have Lungs?

honey bee foraging on small yellow wildflower

Do Wasps Make Honey?  Meet The Honey Wasp!

runny honey drizzling from a wooden honey stick into a small pewter bowl

4 Stages Of The Bee Life Cycle

orchard mason bee larvae in cells with food provision

50 Facts About The Amazing Honey Bee

Honey bee flying toward purple loosestrife flower

Honey bee swarm

Swarming Bees
The sight of swarming bees may unnerve some people, but it's a very natural and wonderful part of the life cycle of honey bees.

Image of bees eating meat  - in this case, a locust.

Do bees eat meat?
Amazingly, a small group of tropical species do! 

Barbut's bumble bee male on a yellow flower

Do bees sleep? 
Scientific study suggests that bees exhibit behaviours indicating that they do!

A rectangular portion of honey comb

How do honey bees make honey?
"A bee is an exquisite chemist" said the Royal Beekeeper to King Charles II.  He was right, of course!

Bumble bee on clover flower

Why do bees have furry bodies?
As bees visit flowers, they collect fine pollen grains on the many hairs on their bodies. 

What can you do to help bees?

Start with these TOP 10 TIPS TO HELP BEES - and share them with friends.

You could also ask your council to do their bit.

Without doubt, one of the most important thing you can do is ensure you include as many plants for bees in your garden as possible