Bee Conservation Articles And Links

Here is a list of pages and related bee conservation articles.

These articles cover broader themes around the conservation and study of bees, as well as halting bee decline, and threats to bee populations.

Some of these articles cover topics that might be considered a little controversial or challenging.  Readers may agree or disagree, but it is at least worth reading the whole piece before reaching a conclusion!

2 bumble bees on yellow helianthus flower

Bee Decline – What Are The Causes?
There are several issues faced by bees and other pollinators.  Each has a piece in the puzzle.

honey bee foraging on yellow flower

How Air Pollution Affects Bees
Scientific study reports on how air pollution impairs foraging.

Close-up of an Augochlora pura metallic green sweat bee resting on a leaf

Does EMF affect bees?
We are increasingly embracing a digital lifestyle. A look at the evidence examining the impact of Electromagnetic Fields on bees.

wildflower patch

Which wildflowers provide the most nectar and pollen?
A look at a study examining the pollinator food reward of a variety of wildflowers.

a wildflower area

Councils And Bee Habitats
Councils and land managers can play a major role in assisting pollinators.   Here are some suggestions.

common carder bee on deep pink plume thistle

Is it okay to kill bees in order to test insecticides?
Conservationists call for better testing of insecticides, which inevitably means testing insecticides on bees. 

During this process, some bees may die. 

honey bee on yellow flower

Do Honey Bees Harm Wild Bees?
If we conservationists expect robust research from industry, we must provide it ourselves. 

beekeeper working with frames

Is beekeeping always the best way to help bees?
A genuine response to a query to this website.

2 beekeepers inspecting a hive

Why Honey Bees And Beekeepers Matter
This can sometimes be a controversial subject among conservationists, but this article sets out the reasons why honey bees are important.

Andrena furcata - painted mining bee on pink rose

Why Do Wild Bees Matter
Having a lower profile than honey bees, but nevertheless, vitally important pollinators.

buff tailed bumble bee on white hawthorne blossom

Bumble Bees For Sale?
Is it wise to purchase commercially reared bumble bees?

toxic skull and bones sign

Why farmers must have independent information
...about pest threat to crops!

vernal mining bee on sand

A National Strategy For Pollinators
What should it include?  Here are my ideas.

yellow triangle as a toxic sign featuring skull and crossbones bones

Neonicotinoids And Bees
A group of insecticides causing tremendous concern.  An in-depth look at this subject exploring research, myths and falsehoods over a number of articles.

brown hairy caterpillar

Tomorrow’s Conservationists
Children need to be inspired to love the natural environment and its inhabitants, if they are to care for it.  This article provides links to free resources.

dead honey bees

Did France ban neonicotinoids?
....well, not exactly, but sort of!

toxic triangle sign

Global Wildlife AIDS and Neonicotinoids
An article by Dr Rosemary Mason and Palle Uhd Jepsen.

yellow toxic sign

Should all insecticides be banned?
Potentially a controversial topic that may not be as simple as it first appears.

Book cover for The Bees In Your Backyard

Conservation books
A few of my favourite books about bees, bee conservation and related subjects.