Bee Conservation Articles And Links

Here is a list of pages and related bee conservation articles and links to broader themes around halting bee decline.


A National Strategy For Pollinators
What should it include?  Here are my ideas.


Bee Decline – What Are The Causes?
There are several issues faced by bees and other pollinators.  Each has a piece in the puzzle.


Bumble Bees For Sale?
Is it wise to purchase commercially reared bumble bees?

Councils And Bee Habitats
Councils and land managers can play a major role in assisting pollinators.   Here are some suggestions.

Farmers must have independent information
...about pest threat!

Conservation books
A few of my favourites.

Did France ban neonicotinoids?
....well, not exactly, but sort of!

Farmers can help bees!
And some of them really do want to play their part in helping bees an the environment!

5 reasons to include a wildflower area in your lawn
Quick 'points' for sharing.

The bees in your backyard
My review of this excellent book!

Field Guide To The Bees of Great Britain and Ireland
My review of this excellent book!

Neonicotinoids And Bees
A group of insecticides causing tremendous concern.  An in-depth look at this subject exploring research, myths and falsehoods over a number of articles.


About Bee Nests
We need to spread the word about the correct way to deal with bee nests, to prevent them being destroyed unnecessarily.


Gardening To Create Habitat For Bees
Gardens can help bees by linking habitats and providing feeding stations for bees.  Linking habitats helps to prevent in-breeding which can otherwise accelerate extinctions.


Tomorrow’s Conservationists
Children need to be inspired to love the natural environment and its inhabitants, if they are to care for it.  This article provides links to free resources.


The Importance Of Bees To Pollination
Links to articles exploring the contribution made by bees and other pollinators.

Why Honey Bees And Beekeepers Matter
This can sometimes be a controversial subject among conservationists, but this article sets out the reasons why honey bees are important.

Why Do Wild Bees Matter
Having alower profile than honey bees, but nevertheless, vitally important pollinators.

Exploring Plants Toxic For Bees
A list of plants believed to be toxic for bees.

Lime Trees Toxic For Bees
Some species are noted for having unfortunate effects on bees.

The Importance Of Education
Farmers and the public need to be helped to rethink our ideas of 'pests', food supply etc.

GMO And Codex Alimentarius
An article submitted by a beekeeper.

Global Wildlife AIDS and Neonicotinoids
An article by Dr Rosemary Mason ChB (Hons), D.Obst. RCOG, FRCA
Consultant Anaesthetist (Anesthesiologist); and Palle Uhd Jepsen
Former Senior Adviser in Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation for the Danish Forest and Nature Agency, Ministry of the Environme

How do neonicotinoids work to kill insects like bees? 

Manufacturers provide clues!


Conservationists call for better testing of insecticides, which inevitably means testing insecticides on bees. 

During this process, some bees may die. 

Is it okay to kill bees in order to test insecticides?


body snatcher wasp side view - image links to a page about this subject

Body Snatcher Wasps!

Why are farmers turning to wasps to help them control crop eating pests?