Neonicotinoids And Bees

Having campaigned on this issues since 2009, I have gathered much information and resources about bees and neonicotinoids.  If there is something you are looking for but cannot see it in the links below, please use the search bar above.

Articles about neonicotinoids and bees

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How Do Neonicotinoids Work To Kill Insects?

An insight into some of the different ways in which neonicotinoids can kill insects.  For example, death could be immediate, or could take time.  This information is gleaned by looking at Bayer’s own marketing literature for their imidacloprid neonicotinoid authorized for killing termites (like bees, termites are social colony insects).

Can Neonicotinoids Kill Non-Target Insects?

How credible is it that neonicotinoids should kill only ‘pest insects’ and leave ‘nice insects’ alone?  A look at some of the industry patents for clues.

Neonicotinoids Snapshot

An overview of neonicotinoids, giving names of products and manufacturers.

Neonicotinoids Pesticide Studies

There have been numerous studies - links to studies and further resources.  

The Greater Significance of  Honey Bee Deaths - Why Do They Matter?

Honey bees and beekeepers play an important role!

Neonicotinoids And The Environment

Information about the ways in which neonicotinoids behave int he environment and why they are a particular cause for concern.

Influence of Industry On the Global Regulation Of Pesticides

A look at the influence of industry and involvement in the EPPO on regulation and a look at the ICPBR (International International Commission For Plant Bee Relationships) here.

Neonicotinoid Myths And Flawed Arguments

A look at some commonly used arguments and some misunderstandings regarding neonicotinoids and bees.

Is There Global Evidence Neonicotinoids Kill Bees?

A quick summary of some of the cases reported – but by no means is this an exhaustive list!

How Robust Are Regulatory Field Tests For Pesticides, And Do They Protect Bees?

Industry frequently maintain that field tests and not laboratory tests, are most robust for assessing the affects of insecticides on the environment.  But how robust are regulatory field tests?

Neonicotinoids And Bees: Varroa Mite

Do neonicotinoids hamper the bee’s ability to defend itself from Varroa Mite?  Do neonicotinoids make bees more vulnerable to diseases transmitted by Varroa?

Neonicotinoids And Bees: Nosema

Is there a link between nosema and neonicotinoids?  Also, an article about the UK government handling of increased nosema cases in honey bees in England and Wales.

Pollinators And Pesticides UK Government Inquiry

UK Environment Audit Committee report findings: a government body inquiry.

The Crop Protection Association

Their strange view of the 'benefits' of industrial, high-pesticide farming to pollinators.

Are Neonicotinoids Even Legal?

This is actually part of a letter writing campaign, but it sets out some of the arguments question whether neonicotinoids were legally authorised for use.

Background Information About Neonicotinoids And Bees

These items were written in 2010 – but some of the information is still relevant today.

The Strange Disappearance Of The Bees

An interview with the director, Mark Daniels.

Dr Henk Tennekes

A Question And Answer session with the author of "A Disaster In The Making".

Bee Decline

The reasons for bee decline are varied – bee declines are not only down to insecticides.

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