About Honey Bees - 
(Apis mellifera)

Take a look at these links to learn about the amazing honey bee,  Apis mellifera.

Honey Bee Facts
Get these quick fun facts about bees, from how much honey is produced by a bee, to the number of times the developing larvae will be fed every day.

How Do Bees Make Honey?
Many humans eat honey. But few appreciate the effort it takes for these wonderful little insects to produce it.

Side view of a honey bee foraging on purple knapweed flower

Honey Bees - The Colony
Unlike bumblebee colonies, honey bee colonies are meant to thrive year after year, with thousands of bees! Information about the functioning of the colony. It's an amazing world!

Honey Bee Life Cycle
A description of the life cycle of bees from egg to bee! Find out how the role within a colony affect the bee's life span. You'll also find an illustration of the process on this page.

Honey Bee Queen
Are queens born or made? Learn about Her Royal Highness of the hive!

Here is a brief description of the life of drones.

Honey bee foraging with its head inside a pale pink geranium flower

The Waggle Dance
Famous dance of the honey bee, with a diagram.

Honey Bee Mating Behaviour
Information about honey bee mating, complete with a short video.

What Is Mead?
What it is and how it's made.

Why Do Honey Bees Use Hexagons?
Bees build honeycombs using wax.  It's quite amazing, but each individual cell is the shape of a perfectly formed hexagon!  How and why do they do that?

Slab of comb honey on a white plate

Bee Enzyme

What it is and its relevance to honey.

Honey Bee Pollination
Read information about how honey bees play a crucial role in pollination services, providing many of the food stuffs we eat.

Bee hives by a wall

How To Start Beekeeping
Get lots of information here, from bee hive plans, to videos and links to further resources.

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Wacky Fact

Did you know?

If the honey bee queen is removed 
from a hive, within 15 minutes,
the rest of the colony
will know about it!  Read about 

The Honey Bee Queen


How far must honey bees fly to produce a pound of honey?

Honey bee facts

Find out by visiting

Honey Bee Facts

Wacky Fact!

Did You Know?

Male honey bees (drones) 
have no father, but they do have a grandfather!

Does that sound impossible? Read:

About Drones!

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