Honey Health Benefits

Here we’ll look at honey health benefits in relation to nutritional content, calories, weight loss and home remedies. Click the links to explore further, in-depth information.

The use of honey for promoting health and treating illnesses, can be traced by centuries, to ancient civilisations.

Nowadays, many of us have memories of receiving warm honey and lemon for a cold – either given to us by parent on a spoon or in a drink, or administered to us via cough sweets and medications.

But why is honey thought to be so beneficial? We’ll look at that in just a moment…

But Just a Quick Word…

Think about where you purchase your honey from. Remember, beekeeping practice varies. For this reason, if you are going to use honey, please source it preferentially from a beekeeper you can trust if possible, and also, purchase organic honey. Organic honey supports farming practices that are ecologically better for the environment, and hence honey bees and other pollintors. Organic honey is also less likely to be contaminated with pesticides. What is the point in buying honey for its beneficial ingredients, if what you buy contains toxins?

So What Is Honey Anyway?

Everyone knows that honey is made by bees, but what is honey?

Honey is more than sugar, and more than nectar, because it has a further vital ingredient: the efforts of the bee, not just in terms of the bee enzyme, but also their efforts in creating unique honeys, by gathering nectar from a variety of different flower sources.

So what does this mean in real terms, and is honey good for you?

Honey Health Benefits And Honey Nutrition

It is certainly true that honey contains a variety of minerals and enzymes. It should be noted, however, that honey nutrition varies, depending on where the bees have been foraging, because different types of flora create honeys that differ slightly in composition.

It is also believed that honey contains various anti-oxidants that are good for humans. Indeed, the nutritional content of honey is believed to be such that it is even used in skin care, hair products, and other beauty aids.
The question is, are honey health benefits really significant – does the nutritional data support this claim?

One way to look at this, is to compare Honey Vs Sugar. Why? The reason for this, is because sugar has no nutritional content other than calorie value in the form of carbohydrate. It therefore provides an interesting comparison, especially since some people consider substituting honey for sugar.

However, is that enough of a comparison? What if we compared honey with every day foods, such as the humble apple? In comparisons between the humble apple and honey, an apple performs quite well too! This is no surprise. At the end of the day, a good diet is all about balance.

Honey Health Benefits And Calories In Honey

However, one of the main areas of concern about honey, is the calories it contains.

The calories in honey are of course high, but in comparison with sugar, honey contains high levels of both glucose and fructose.

The combination of these two carbohydrates means that both an immediate, and a sustained energy boost are provided by honey, whereas the energy provided by sugar is immediate only.

Honey Health Benefits And Weight Loss

Given the high level of calories in honey, and the paragraph above, the very idea of the terms honey and weight loss being used in the same sentence seems very strange indeed! Yet some people do use honey to help them lose weight, and most commonly of all, it features within the honey and vinegar diet.

However, primarily it is the apple cider vinegar that is apparently providing the benefits to the weight loss efforts. The honey acts as a sweetener, and to provide sustained energy release.

I have examined various claims about using honey in weight loss, and I tend to believe that they are not always balanced.

It seems that a diet consisting of healthy foods, should easily be able to provide the anti-oxidants, minerals and trace elements that are contained within honey. I performed a similar analysis in my page looking at bee pollen and nutrition.

Honey Health Benefits And Home Remedies
When it comes to seeking a home remedy for aiding the recovery from ailments, honey is probably one of the most popular ingredients. Even the ancient philosopher, Socrates, is reputed to have said:

    “Honey and pollen cause warmth, clean sores and ulcers, soften hard ulcers of lips, heal carbuncles and running sores”.

Certainly, honey and cinnamon cures are among the most popular for a variety of ailments, from treating bladder infections to dealing with hair loss!

There are also home remedies comprising vinegar and honey.

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