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1. How many eyes does a bee have?


    b) 5

A bee has 5 eyes: 3 simple eyes on top of its head, and 2 compound eyes, with numerous hexagonal facets. Find out more here.

2. How many honey bees would you find in a typical healthy colony during the active summer season?


    c) 50,000 to 60,000 bees

Find more information about honey bees and the honey bee colony.

3. Which of the following flowers provides little nectar and pollen and so is NOT much use for bees?


    a) Ornamental Bizzy Lizzy

The Busy Lizzy offers little value for bees. Ivy, hedera helix, is a great source of food during the late autumn or winter, when other sources are scarce. Both dead nettle and brambles are excellent bee plants too. Read more about beneficial bee plants.

4. A honey bee colony is a super-efficient organisation – of what?


    c) A queen, workers and drones

Learn more honey bees here.

5. The most significant reason that all species of bees are important is because:


    b) They pollinate plants, which provide humans and wildlife with food, and ensure biodiversity

Discover more about the importance of bee pollination.  Although the other statements may be true, the pollination service freely provided by the many species of bees is absolutely vital for food production and biodiversity.

6. Which of these is NOT a real species of bee?:


    c) The Black-Kneed Bee

All of the others were types of solitary bee, apart from the 'Black-kneed bee' - which I made up! Learn more about some of the different types of bees.

7. For how long can a queen honey bee live (assuming she is not killed by predators, and does not catch diseases).


    a) Possibly 3 – 4 years.

She's an amazing little creature. Learn more about the honey bee queen.

8. How many types of bees are there in the whole world?


    a) About 25,000 known species, with probably more to be discovered.

Want to know more, and learn about 'bee-families'? See my page about the different types of bees.

9. Assuming good health and that neither disease nor predators kill them, which of these lives the longest?


    c) The honey bee queen

More about that frequently asked question: How long to bees live?

10. Which solitary bee cuts neat little holes from leaves, with which it constructs the egg cells for its nest? (note – this causes no harm to the plant):


    b) The Leafcutter Bee

Discover more about the enchanting little leafcutter bee

11. Honey bees can be found in hives made by humans. But given the following choices, where would they prefer to nest in the wild?


    c) In a ready-made hollow, such as a hollow tree trunk or in the cavity of a building

But what about bumblebees? Some species of bumblebee will nest in abandoned rodent holes, or among tussocks of grass. Find out more about bumblebee nests.

12. What do bees collect from flowers?


    c) Nectar and pollen

Find out how plants are adapted to attract bees and other pollinators from my page about flower pollination.

13. How much honey can a single honey bee make in its life time?


    a) About a twelfth of a teaspoon.

Honey is precious! I feel very strongly that honey should never be classified as a low-priced, low value commodity - so much goes into producing every jar! Find out more about how honey bees make honey.

14. Which of these tips will NOT help bees?


    b) Use lots of insecticides to kill as many insects as possible.

Take a look at my top 10 tips to save the bees!

15. Identify the bumblebee species below:


    d) Bombus lapidarius - The Red-tailed bumblebee

Although I must admit, if I had been responsible for naming this particular bumblebee species, I think Bombus fluffybottomus would have been a very good alternative!

Do bees sleep?
Apparently they do, but how do we know?


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How And Why Do Bees Buzz?

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Do bumblebees make honey?

Wacky Fact!

Did You Know?

Male honey bees (drones) have no father, but they do have a grandfather!

Does that sound impossible?

Read more about Drones!

Wacky Fact

Did you know?

If the honey bee queen is removed from a hive, within 15 minutes, the rest of the colony will know about it!

Read more about the honey bee queen

How do bees collect pollen?


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