Health Benefits of Honey

What are the health benefits of honey? Or are they 'old wives' tales'?

Honey is certainly known to be an excellent, natural energy food, and it has superb, scientifically proven anti-bacterial properties, which is probably one of the reasons why it is used in a range of home remedies.  However, some benefits are real, whilst others may be somewhat exaggerated!

On this website, I take a look at some of the claims made with regard to the health benefits of honey. In doing so, I look at the scientific data where available, make a number of nutritional comparisons, and provide lots of general information.

My intention is to be balanced and fair.

Also, please see my notes at the bottom of this page about buying honey generally.

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar
On this page, I look at the research evidence versus a range of claimed health benefits. 

Some of the findings were surprising, but perhaps not in the way you would think!

The Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
I definitely recommend this page if you are thinking of going on a diet!  Would I try it?  Actually, i would be prepared to try an aspect of it, definitely! 

Here I have the science, the recipe, the alternatives (if the thought of drinking vinegar doesn't appeal to you, but you want the benefits of the vinegar).

Honey vs Sugar - is there a real difference, or is it just hype?
I decided to investigate! Here is a very detailed and honest comparison of honey and sugar, looking at vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, as well as carbohydrate and calorie content.

The information is set out in simple tables with some written explanation.

Is honey good for you?
This page looks at a range of research sources, including for example, assessment of honey as an effective agent against MRSA!  Whilst in some areas the benefits of honey are exaggerated, in others it seems they are very real indeed!

Honey and acne
Since honey has anti-bacterial properties, it stands to reason that it may help to combat bacterias on the skin.  Here you'll find some recipes for facial masks.

Honey beauty benefits
A range of uses for honey in beauty.

Honey and cinnamon cures
Take a look at these interesting and sometimes bizarre recipes to help with all kinds of things: from indigestion to hair loss and flatulence!

Vinegar And Honey
More about the kinds of home remedies which can be made by combining honey and vinegar. Learn more here.

Just a few final notes.....

  1. It should be noted that honey is not to be given to young infants – definitely not those under one year old, but seek advice from your health practitioner.

    Honey is a potential source of spores that can cause infant botulism – a rare but serious disease.

  2. Honey is not suitable for diabetics, so if you are a diabetic, please don't substitute sugar for honey in the hope that this will be fine.  Read more about honey and diabetes.

  3. Please note, in some parts of the world, what is sold as honey is not necessarily the pure honey you thought you were buying.  Take care to look at the label, and purchase from a reputable source.  See this page for an article about this issue (opens a new window).

  4. Please note that bees are going through a hard time currently.
    Honey is actually the winter food stores of the honey bee, and contains complex nutrients needed by the bees. (Read more about Why Bees Make Honey (opens a new window).

    Whilst humans can manage easily without honey, bees need it! So if you are going to purchase honey, please do your best to buy as ethically as possible, and pay a fair price - to find out how, read these Honey Buying Tips (clicking the link opens a new window).

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