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Bumble bees for sale?
Would buying a box of bumble bees help the bees?  Probably not.....

The Dilemma
Should I rescue a bee from a spider web, thus depriving the spider of a meal, or should I let nature take its course?

Which lime trees are toxic for bees?
Some lime trees are great for bees, but some imported species may be having unfortunate effects.

If bees disappear, will we starve?
A question I am sometimes asked........

The Super Bee?
Can we save the honey bee by breeding it with 'special characteristics' and is this wise?  Would it solve our problems and end collapses in colonies?

Bee boles
What are they?

What is Mead?
Information and a recipe.

Positive Messages To Help The Bees
It's easy to get bogged down, 'fighting against' bee decline.  But there are some positive message you can help spread, and these messages can start to change the way we think - for example, about insects and food production.  If we change the way we think, we'll change our behaviours and together we will make a difference!

Inspiring Children to love bees and nature
Children are potentially the conservationists of tomorrow - especially if we inspire them whilst they are young.

Help The Bees - By Bee-ing The Change You Wish To See In The World
Signing petitions is a good thing.  But please take direct action yourself to help the bees.

Bees, GMO and Codex Alimentarius
Guest article written by a beekeeper.

Occupy Wall Street: Lessons The 1% Could Learn from Bees
Social bees work together for the good of the whole.  The 1% could learn a few lessons.

The Bee Heaven on my doorstep
Isn't it wonderful when you find a place that is a haven for wildlife - even more amazing when you find it on your doorstep?

Blessing The Bees
Can we make a difference through prayer and blessing?

Encaustic Art
The art of painting with beeswax!

Bees, Invertebrates and Education
A few ideas to get people on board to protect pollinators.

Information About bees (original introductory page)

Eating organic helps bees

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