Information About Bees
To Inform And Inspire You!

On this website, you'll find lots of information about bees to inform you about how to help these wonderful pollinators.

So why did I write it?

I’ve given talks and written informal features about bees for some time now, as a keen conservationist, campaigner and volunteer.

Eventually, I decided I needed to share my enthusiasm for bees and the knowledge I gathered, with a broader audience. I’m aiming to include much of what I know on this website, drawing on many of the questions I’ve been asked at my talks or in general conversations.  Most topics and themes can be explored via the navigation bar.

So how does this pan out in reality?

Well, you'll find lots of general topics, such as how honey bees make honey, how to attract different types of bees into the garden, how plant pollination works (and what pollen is), as well as some practical information such as how to treat and prevent stings, and what to do if you find a nest.

a honey bee foraging on pink purple loosestrife flowers

You can also learn about the differences between honey, solitary and bumble bees, their life cycles, and what steps to take if you want to start beekeeping.

side view of a white tailed bumble bee foraging on a cluster of small pink sedum flowers

There are also a number of threats facing bees, and the issues we need to resolve are largely around:

  • habitat loss,
  • pesticides, 
  • transference of diseases (for example, from commercially reared species to other bees).
leafcutter bee foraging in a purple geranium flower, side view

There are many practical steps we can all take. Greater awareness can be of real benefit. We don’t need to get depressed. We just need to take action!  Take a look at these TOP 10 TIPS TO HELP BEES.

And remember, one of the best actions you can take, is to make your garden bee-friendly.

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