Blessing The Bees

Some years ago, I began blessing the bees.  I know this will sound crazy to many, however, I do believe in a Higher Power

Some years ago, I read a book called The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World by Pierre Pradervand.  It’s a lovely book in which Pierre explains how he has created much positive change and good in his life (and the lives of others), through blessing.

The Gentle Art Of Blessing

The practice of blessing started for Pierre Pradervand as a way of counteracting the anger he felt when he was betrayed and badly treated by his former employer. 

Pierre began to bless as a means to try and come to terms with what had happened to him. The effects on his life have been extraordinary, as he began blessing difficult and unfortunate situations, as well as people he came into contact with, and strangers he saw through the day.

Below I state why I decided to start blessing the bees, but first, here is a beautiful You Tube video, featuring a very moving blessing which Pierre felt inspired to write.

My thanks to Pierre for allowing me to feature it on this website:

Blessing The Bees - A Prayer For Bees

So why did I start blessing the bees?

Simply because I have been, and remain concerned about them: their plight, the behaviour of polluters and those in government departments who are meant to act to protect the environment.

I decided to put out some positive thoughts, and started blessing the bees to counteract my negative fears in the hope that my prayers would do some good, whether I could understand how, or not (this is in addition to the practical actions I take, such as gardening for bees).  

I am merely propose that blessing the bees can’t do any harm.  I hope that a few 'prayers for the bees' - these little creatures I so love, will somehow help.

white tailed bumble bee foraging on pink sedum flower - side view

I also find myself blessing other wildlife and the environment in general, from birds, and animals, to woodlands and seas, and other causes that concern me.

What blessings do I ask for? Usually, themes along the lines of protection, shelter, health, habitat preservation, safe food and water.

Here's my prayer:

Bless the bees.  Bless them with abundant healthy food and nesting sites.  Bless them with strong, healthy offspring. Bless future generations of bees, and may their populations be expanded and protected.  Thank you for bees, and may they forever be blessed.

So why not try it?  We may or may not see the results of the blessings directly, yet we may do much good without knowing it. That’s why I keep blessing the bees and the other causes I care about.

honey bees on a frame

Taking A Leaf Out Of Pierre Pradervand's Book

There is also the issue of blessing those who I feel are polluting the environment, motivated only by greed, and apparently with no concern for future generations.

This is the tough one, because there are a number of issues I am aware of, and blessing is not always easy in such circumstances.

Yet I know that Pierre blessed his former employer in all ways. He also very generously points out that he didn’t feel like blessing them at first, but his route intention to feel okay, and free himself of his negativity and anger, remained sincere.

So what blessings are appropriate for those who I feel are committing crimes against the environment, wildlife, and humanity? 

How about blessing them with integrity, honesty, compassion, wisdom and courage to act for the good of the environment?

Bless those who work in agrochemical companies with integrity, love and wisdom.  Bless and inspire them with solutions that help the environment and wildlife as well as farmers, and bless them with the reward of success and prosperity for finding such solutions.

Bless governments and regulatory bodies with integrity, wisdom, truth and foresight to help them govern wisely and fairly, and to safeguard the well-being of bees, pollinators and the environment with future generations in mind.

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leafcutter bee on sweet pea plant sweet peas for bees