Global Impact Of Neonicotinoids On Bees

Global Impact Of Neonicotinoids On Bees: this page is a continuation of information about global evidence.


The French bee-deaths documentary 'Temoin Genant'  (Embarassing Witness) is now on

Youtube; it deals with the disaster which struck the French beekeeping industry as far back as 1994 - when over 400,000 colonies a year were killed following the introduction of the systemic neurotoxin Imidacloprid/ 'Gaucho' for use on sunflowers and maize.


This is the link for part one:

This is part Two:

Part three:

Part Four:

French legal action on neonicotinoid Clothianidin.


The UK Environment Audit Committee accuses the UK government of breathtaking arrogance over their refusal to acknowledge the dangers of neonicotinoids to bees.

There has been some controversy surrounding the British Beekeepers Association and their relationship with the pesticide industry.  

The BBKA stated the losses of honey bees in the UK – reaching up to almost 53% in some regions 2012/2013, are primarily down to weather and diseases – there is no attempt to investigate whether there is a significantly higher number of losses depending on location of hives (e.g. proximity to insecticide treated fields, or near insecticide treated golf courses).  

The BBKA’s Tim Lovett appears in BayerCropScience video.

The majority of the public want neonicotinoids banned, according to YouGov survey.

UK government bee scientist will now be paid directly by the agrochemicals industry - see introductory paragraph – she was also involved with the flawed bumblebee study.


The Netherlands

This film (copy and paste link):

Dutch study finds some aquatic systems are so contaminated, the water itself could be used as an insecticide to control lice.

Information website by Dutch toxicologist, Dr Henk Tennekes.


Beekeepers in 5 Bulgarian Cities Stage Protests, see:


Apparently there have been protests from Polish beekeepers over neonicotinoids and GMO, but I am unable to verify this.  Two interesting links:



Italian beekeepers on hunger strike.

Further Information:

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How do neonicotinoids work?  A look at the claims made by BayerCropscience for effects of their neonicotinoid on termites, and a comparison with reported effects on bees.

Neonicotinoids and non-target insects - a look at the evidence from industry patents.

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