Beekeeping A-Z:

Here we have a Beekeeping A-Z. 

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Bee Balm

Plants from the genus, such as Monarda fistulosa (Wild Bee Balm).  These plants are loved by bees, and useful in a bee-friendly garden. 

Bee Brush
A soft brush used to brush bees away from frames, or even to try and gently coax bees from one place to another.  It is possible to make a washable, soft bee brush from a large goose feather, or similar. 

A large white goose feather can be used as a bee brush to sweep bees away to ensure they do not get squashed

Bee space
A space between frames in which bees do their work.  It also enables beekeepers to more easily remove frames from hives.

Honey bees make beeswax for use in the construction of cells that compose the honeycomb, and also for capping cells filled with honey.  It is produced by 8 glands which are on the abdomens of worker honey bees.  

Black Bee
Apis mellifera mellifera, also known as the British black bee and the north European black bee.  It was devastated in Britain by a disease in the early 20th century. 

However, it is claimed there are still some small areas in Britain where the native Black bee can be found.

The larval form of bees through to the point of capping  – i.e. the immature stage of the bee (eggs, larvae and pupae):

  • prior to capping (eggs and larvae)
  • capped – (larvae that will pupate and become adult bees).

Brood Chamber
Where young bees are raised.  Honey may also be stored here. 

Buckfast Bee
A hybrid of bee developed at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England, from many honey bees from around the world, especially the European Black Bee and the Italian bee.  This bee was developed by Brother Adam, a Benedictine monk n response to acarine, which had almost wiped out the native British black bee.  It is reported to be a docile and productive, but true Buckfast bee queens are only obtainable from a few specialist breeders.  Buckfast Abbey no longer uses Brother Adam’s breeding system.

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