How To Start Beekeeping

There is a lot of information explaining how to start beekeeping both on the internet, and available in books.

On this site, you’ll find some useful introductory information, as well as links to more in-depth sources.

There are also free items to download and use, including a beekeeping book, business plan  and bee hive plans.  The audience for this website is very varied, but hopefully there will be something to suit you.

Beekeeping Equipment
You don't need to go out and buy every gadget, but here are some useful things for you to have.

Urban Beekeeping
Considerations for keeping bees in the town or city.

Beginning Beekeeping
First decide on the approach you wish to take.  This will determine how you equip yourself with beekeeping supplies.

Used Beekeeping Equipment (purchasing and cleaning)
Advice about purchasing second hand beekeeping equipment and supplies, including how to clean it.

Honey Bees For Sale?
If you are about to start beekeeping, perhaps you will be given a swarm. If not, you will have to purchase some bees to start off.

Beekeeping Tips
Tips shared by other beekeepers.

Natural Beekeeping
This is a growing movement. It focuses on beekeeping in a way that supports the natural behaviours of the honey bee (such as how the bees naturally build honeycombs). This approach uses natural methods of dealing with issues such as varroa.
Here you will also find a free book to download.

Varroa Mite
Background information on Varroa mite (or Varroa Destructor). There is a link to treatments, including non-synthetic, natural options and a study to download.

Bee Hive Plans
Bee hives are expensive. Download free plans to make your own beehive. Several versions to choose from.

Feeding Honey Bees
Recipes for fondant and syrup for the times when your honey bees need to be fed.

Top Supering or Bottom Supering
A look at the research.


Beekeeping Videos
If you want to know how to start beekeeping, why not take a look at this range of great beekeeping videos showing Natural Beekeeping in action. You can always take a look at them again later.

Beekeeping Articles
General themes.

Some great beekeeping books, as well as books along related themes.

Honey Bee Deaths Explored
Take a look as some of the issues around honey bee deaths.

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