Beekeeping Articles

Below are links to a variety of beekeeping articles and general subjects of interest.    The list is being continually updated.


General Articles About Beekeeping And Related Subjects

  1. The Lives Of Bees - by Thomas D. Seeley
    - a review of Seeley's latest book.

  2. Top supering or bottom supering?  Research evidence.

  3. What makes a good beekeeping association?  Some thoughts ….

  4. How would you describe your beekeeping group?  Is it a ‘sting operation’ or a ‘hive of activity’?

  5. Dr David Heaf talks about bee-friendly beekeeping.

  6. The Strange Disappearance Of The Bees - Film maker, Mark Daniels talks about his experience of filming this documentary.

  7. GloryBee - interview with an organic beekeeper and honey business.

  8. Honey Bee Genetics - very short summary of some scientific papers covering a range of honey bee behaviours and characteristics.

  9. Wasps – wasps are considered a problem by beekeepers, but wasps themselves play their role in the eco-system. 
    Some beekeepers use waspinators as a deterrent to wasps at the bee hive.

  10. Phil Chandler, otherwise known as The Barefoot Beekeeper, talks about his beekeeping experience and his new book.

Beekeeping Materials And Equipment

  1. Buying and cleaning used beekeeping equipment.

  2. The Flow Hive:  Is there a problem with plastic in the hive?

  3. A few words on monitoring your bee hive.

  4. Need to move your bees?  See these beekeeping tips.

  5. Choosing a bee hive – what are your options?

  6. Thinking about becoming a beekeeper?  Read this item about beginning beekeeping.

  7. Free bee hive construction plans to download.

  8. Watch beekeepers in action with these beekeeping video.

  9. Honey Jar Labels - some thoughts about using bespoke labels for your honey.

  10. Simple!  How to make a bee brush that is gentle on your honey bees.

Beekeeping Articles Concerning Honey Bee Health

  1. Which plants are toxic for bees?  A few plants to avoid in your garden!

  2. Bayer Crop Science make claims about how neonicotinoids work to kill termites – is there anything we can learn here about the potential danger of their neonicotinoid to bees? 

  3. Is it wise to use Cuprinol or Creosote to treat the bee hive?

  4. The Varroa Resistant Honey Bee.

  5. Tom Theobald and Graham White - both beekeepers, write a letter to American Beekeepers

John Lewis-Stempel

A review of this beautiful nature diary

John Lewis-Stempel

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leafcutter bee on sweet pea plant sweet peas for bees