Beekeeping Tips

Abbé Émile Warré (1867-1951) - creator of the 'People's Hive'.Abbé Émile Warré (1867-1951) - creator of the 'People's Hive'.

During 2012, a number of beekeepers shared their beekeeping tips with readers, and two beekeepers received a copy of Dr David Heaf's 'The Bee Friendly Beekeeper', courtesy of Northern Bee Books.

Many thanks to Katharina Davitt for showing new beekeepers how to make a simple bee brush, and for the sage words of Tel Jensen - how to monitor a bee hive.

Here are more tips and advice below:

Tips about buying and cleaning used beekeeping equipment.

Tips for buying a bee hive.

Bee hive construction help and plans.

Watch and learn with these beekeeping video clips.

Moving bees if you must.

What to plant in your garden - see the section about gardening for bees.

Dealing with varroa.

General beekeeping tips and information links.

The Bee-friendly Beekeeper by Dr David Heaf.The Bee-friendly Beekeeper by Dr David Heaf.

You can read a very interesting interview with Dr Heaf here (clicking on the link opens a new window). 

The Bee-friendly Beekeeper by David Heaf is available from Northern Bee Books on line shop (international delivery available). The book has received excellent reviews.