Cooking With Honey

If you’re interested in cooking with honey, take a look at these lovely honey recipes – from cakes to glazes - some simple, some more difficult, and some with a ‘twist’.

Honey Glazes
A good way to start cooking with honey, is by trying some of these simple glazes for a variety of uses.

honey, lemon, spices and ginger

Some combine fruit, garlic, apricot jam and herbs!

What if you run out of honey?

No worries, there are a few alternative honey glaze recipes too!

Honey Cake Recipes

Try your hand at one of these cakes made with honey – how about Spiced Honey cake or Polish Honey Cake?

Honey Dressing
Honey dressings are very popular, especially recipes containing mustard too! Again, here you’ll find a variety of recipes containing yoghurt, garlic, lemon and so on!

Honey Butter
Whether you’re looking for something festive for the winter period, or a lovely butter for tea breads and summer picnics, check this page!

Try these honey recipes for health:

Honey And Cinnamon
Both honey and cinnamon are reported to have health benefits, from dealing with cholesterol to helping with halitosis and bladder infections!

Honey And Vinegar Recipes
Insomnia, arthritis and colitis…..believe it or not, these home remedies containing vinegar and honey, are said to help with a number of health and health-related issues. It can also be used in weight loss – see the vinegar and honey diet.

If you are interested in learning more about honey, why not try these links:

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