Cartoon Honey Bee Images

Looking for a cartoon honey bee image? These honey bee clipart images are free to download for use on posters, in school projects, presentations, leaflets and so on.

Some of them have been animated to provide an extra fun element.

Please note that I have a further page featuring images of cartoon bees – take a look if none of the images below are suitable.

If you are looking for free photographs to use, visit Pictures Of Bees.

Please also check the other pages on this site for more images, for example, bee clip art, and also, bumblebee clipart, where you will also find tips for generating your own images.

Creating your own imagery is actually very simple – or sometimes you can use an existing image, for example, from a powerpoint programme, and change it beyond recognition.

You can also doodle your own images in freely available facilities that exist on the internet.


In order to improve the speed of my site, these cartoons have been removed.

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