Bumble Bee Clip Art

Years ago, I decided to create a range of free graphics, because I found so little available on the internet at the time. However, the profile of bees is so great these days that there is now a lot of free clip art available. 

So many people are interested in bees these days, some are organising events about them, schools are teaching children about pollinators, and even in social media, there is a lot of chat about bees!

In view of this, I have decided to remove my own because I felt it was surpassed by other images available.

Here is one such example - a nice clip art image from PicMonkey:

simple bumble bee clip are

Creating your own graphics

If you want to create your own bumble bee clipart, but you don't have a graphics package, then you could try some of the free to use graphics tools out there, such as Fire Alpaca, Pixlr or Picmonkey.  

If you are not happy to try those, you could even try using Powerpoint.  I have previously arranged shapes together using Powerpoint until the image I had created resembled a bee!  It's surprising what you can do with imagination.

If you are looking for photographs you may be able to adapt for use, or even modify to create your own bumble bee clip art, why not take a look at my page offering free pictures of bees.

Or why not take a look at more free bee clip art.

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