Bee-Themed Bookmarks

Here are some bee-themed bookmarks you can cut out and keep.

Most are educational, some are for fun, and some you can color (or colour if you are in the UK!).

These bookmarks are in PDF format, with 3 bookmarks to each sheet.

These bookmarks are the Copyright of, but feel free to download and print these bookmarks to use in schools, play groups and any kid's activity classes. 

To download, simply click on the images below.  Clicking will open the PDF download into a new window.

Above, three educational bookmarks.  The first features a list of plants for bees, the second gives a list of 5 things we can do to help bees, and the third provides interesting information about wild bees.

This set of bookmarks are for cutting out, then use crayons or paints as you wish. 

The first of these bookmarks highlights 3 different groups of bees: honey bees, bumblebees and solitary bees.  The second highlights 5 facts about honey bees, and the third explains why bees are important to the planet.

A fun verse features on the first bee bookmark, followed by a bookmark listing 5 facts about bees, and finally, some examples of foods pollinated by bees.

Again, use crayons or paint these bookmarks.

For more activity sheets, go to this page.

Bee-Themed Car Stickers And More

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Bee-themed Activity Pages
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Bee-themed Activity Pages
Puzzles, coloring pages and more


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