Bees, Wonderful Bees!

Bees are not only fascinating and wonderful, they are crucial to biodiversity and the food chain. Different types of bees pollinate plants that produce food not only for humans, but a huge variety of other species upon which humans are also directly or indirectly dependent.

Sharing our enthusiasm for bees!

Indeed, I think everything is interconnected in this great Web of Life, and the delicate strands of this web support each other in some ways we don't yet understand.

Then again, you and I are also part of this great Web of Life - which means we can all do our bit to make a difference.

I'm grateful to a number of visitors for their kind contributions.   It's wonderful that there are so many people how care about and love bees, and are happy to hsare their enthusiasm!

Buzzzzzz........So Many Flowers, Such Little Time!! 
A Poem About Bees Come to my garden little bumblebees, I've grown so many flowers for you to please, I have lupins, foxgloves and delphiniums too, …

The Importance Of Hedgerows For Biodiversity And Bees
Hedgerows And Shrubs For Bees And Pollinators I grew up in the countryside in an area where still some of the most beautiful hedgerows are found. …

Six Impossible Things About Bees 
Six Impossible Things About Bees I was eight years old, alone in the backyard, when a swarm of bees flew over me. I remained terrified of the stinging …

Bees In The Garden 
Bee House When I heard about bee houses, I thought this was nice for those fortunate people with gardens the size of a football pitch. I think most …

Natural Bee Nests 
I use tree surgeons' waste for fuel so I always have a big stack of wood in waiting. I noticed a while back that some old trunk slices of chestnut had …

Bees In My Garden 
My father and I share the love for nature, wild flowers and basically the whole circle of life. I had been reading about gardening for wildlife but many …

Rent A Beehive - Bringing Bees To The People
City life can distance people from nature and from the consequences of pollution and species decline.  One solution is to bring nature to people's door-steps, such as bringing beehives into the city......

Bees, Organic And Pesticides: The Connection 
Bees, Organic And Pesticides: The Connection For some time, I felt the urge to write something which has been on my mind for so long and I simply …

Come On, You Bees! 

Here's a pic of the bee box on our back garden wall under a grapevine. It shows some of the holes have been plugged, hopefully by bees! No-one liked our …

Bees Welcome In My Garden! 
I've just bought an old farm cottage in France's Auvergne. The soil hasn't been touched for 20 years and I'm so lucky to have 2 huge lime (tilia) trees …

Leafcutters in my garden 
I found a leafcutter in my garden this past summer, so I decided to put up a bamboo solitary bee nest and see if I could get them to hang around. I …

Reader Tip
Donna in Kansas City:

"I wanted to mention two plants that I grow in my yard, Aromatic Aster and Cup plant;both native wild flowers. Several species of bees adore Aromatic Aster and honey bees love my Cup Plant. Also several butterflies (including Monarch) and moths. Plus hummingbirds love my Cup plant. Bumble bees love Coral Bells."


Our family has a two lot property and we have a couple of hives. God blessed us with some extra money this year and we have purchased 7 new hives. We …

Why I Adore Bees, And Why We Need Bees 
October is National Bee Month, and I am on a mission to educate the public! Starting with children: school begins in August, and I am sending out …

We Are All Interconnected 

We must realise that we are all Interconnected. The Bees,Trees and Seas. I was therefore so pleased to see and take a pic of a Tree Bee. As a keen …

Buzzy Bees In My Small Garden  
I am desperately trying to help bees in my garden. They definitely adore catmint, marjoram, scabious, giant hyssops and hyacinths. I never use chemicals …

Bees As Pollinators Are Central To Our Lives 
I fear we are losing the bees. There are so few now in the garden compared to when I was a child and their buzzing was deafening. I want to help bring …

Why I Adore Bees.  

I love bees because, they are cute and helpful. They pollinate and help even more flowers grow. They also make tasty honey. My favourite bee is the bumble …

Bees, Aphids And Honeydew


Bees, Aphids And Honeydew Sheena writes: "I have found quite a lot of bees attracted to clumps of woolly aphids on my apple trees which I was about …

Plantable Seed On Pack Label 
We produce plant-able, biodegradable seed labels that can be peeled off of a product. This could be the perfect way for any consumer products company …

My Garden Needs Bees 
I support @FeedTheBees and have registered my garden so the can map a continuous world for bees in the lower mainland (Vancouver). I plant flowers to keep …

What do bees eat?

Bees eat pollen and nectar

- everyone knows that!

But what else do they eat?


Why do bees need nectar and pollen?

Why do bees need nectar and pollen?


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