by Alice Sommers
(Golden, MO)

Our family has a two lot property and we have a couple of hives. God blessed us with some extra money this year and we have purchased 7 new hives. We have made contacts with old friends and new ones and are placing a hives on 7 different properties within about a 50 mile area.

We are going to split any extra honey they might have and people are getting very excited about bees in our area......We will take care of the hives, while helping the host learn about bees if they are interested.

If the hives do well, we will split that hive and have the host have their own......such fun and joy!

Website Owner's Comment: That's a great way to share your experience and passion for bees with your friends. I wish you and your family well with the project Anne! If you take any photographs, feel free to send them along.

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