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<I>Bombus barbutellus</I> - male.Bombus barbutellus - male.

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1. Which of these statements is true of the ‘Cuckoo Bumblebee’?:

c) Cuckoo bumblebees behave in ways similar to the cuckoo bird – that is, they lay their eggs in the nests of other bumblebees.

Yes, it's true, cuckoo bumblebees lay their eggs in the nests of other bumble bees! As for Bombus cuckularis, I made it up! Learn more about cuckoo bumble bees.

2. For what reason do honey bees make honey?

    c) For storing food to feed the colony over winter when they are unable to forage.

Learn more about why honey bees make honey.

3. Which of these is not made by honey bees:

b) Cactus honey

Read about cactus honey.

4. The tendency of some species to make a home and live commensally with others is called....

c) Inquilinism

5. Which of these is the odd one out: 

d) Omelette

The others all include a food item pollinated by insects (raspberry, pea and blueberry).

6. Bees are thought to be a descendent of which of these invertebrates:

b) Wasp

7. Bees belong to which insect order?

    a) Hymenoptera

See this fun page to learn more about hymenoptera.

8. Which important function do bees perform in the eco-system?

c) Pollination

9. Which of these bees is a cleptoparasite?

a) Gooden's nomad bee

(Note - there is no such thing as the Clepto-black-winged bee!)

Read about Nomada bees.

10. How many times per second do bumblebees beat their wings?

    b) 200

Watch this wonderful short video clip: The Flight Of The Bumblebee.

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