How To Take Bee Pollen

Bee pollen can be taken in a variety of different formats. If taken fresh, note, it will not keep indefinitely. However, fresh pollen can be eaten on toast or crackers or with salad.

Dried (dehydrated) bee pollen of course has a longer shelf life, although it has been said that it loses some of the beneficial properties during the drying process. Dried bee pollen can be taken simply as dried or ground granules, and again, added to salads or drinks.

Taking bee pollen

These days it is possible to purchase bee pollen mixed with other bee products (such as honey, royal jelly or even propolis), but also it is sometimes available in combination with other added nutrients, especially in products targeted at the fitness market.

It is important not to take bee pollen if you suffer from allergy to other bee products or pollen generally. Allergic reactions to bee pollen can be severe.

For further information about how to take bee pollen, go to this more comprehensive page about Bee Pollen Supplements.

Further information

Bee Pollen Nutrition
I took the time to compare basic foods with the nutritional content of bee pollen. I wanted to understand what benefits bee pollen could add to the diet, and I think this is best achieved by using other foods as a comparison. I did this, because I think that purchasing supplements can get expensive, and if we are on limited budgets, or can only afford one or two supplements, it’s best to know whether what we are buying is worth it. My findings? Click on the page – it really depends on what you are wanting from your supplement.

Bee Pollen & Weight Loss
Now with regard to weight loss, I openly admit that I am sceptical, because quite frankly, something that works for one person may not work for another. I also think that the weight loss industry can be a bit of a tricky one, that can get our hopes up unfairly – although not always. Anyway, this is what encouraged me to look at the subject. My questions were;

– If you are taking bee pollen supplements, will they help you lose weight?
- Is it beneficial to take bee pollen during a weight loss program, or is it just marketing?

I looked at some of the claims and whether the evidence supported them. Click on the link and go from How To Take Bee Pollen to my page about bee pollen and weight loss to find out more!

Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen
This page looks specifically at some of the health claims made about bee pollen. Some of these claims range from improved physical athletic performance, to protection of eye sight from age-related deterioration. Click on the link above to find out more.

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