Campaigns For Bees

There have been a number of campaigns for bees happening all over the world, ranging from petitions and demonstrations to hunger strikes, lobbying, to planting wildflowers.

They involve beekeepers, conservationists, companies and concerned members of the public.

A number of films have been and continue to be produced.

International Campaigns For Bees

On this page you'll find information about various campaigns and related news.

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American Campaigns

The EPA Clothianidin Scandal

Tom Theobald Comment On the EPA response to the Clothianidin Scandal

Tom Theobald Video

Tom Theobald on Dan Rather


EU fails to ban Sulfoxaflor
Later, they also approved Flupyradifurone?

Did The UK Government Approve Sulfoxaflor Or Flupyradifurone?
In fact, the EU approved these first.  The UK government did NOT follow suit.

BirdLife International: Decline Of Europe's Farmland Birds

EDM 2664

EDM 2664 Follow Up

EDM 1267

We Need More Wildflower Habitats!

Free Wildflower Seeds

Environment audit committee follow up letter

British Beekeepers Still Concerned About Neonicotinoids, According To Survey

UK Government could back a full ban on neonicotinoids

Other European Campaigns

Bees And Neonicotinoids - Please Write to EU Commissioner Borg


Italian Beekeepers Mobilize To Stop Neonicotinoids

Italian Beekeepers On Hunger Strike


French Beekeepers Organise International Day Of Demonstrations Oct 15th 2011

Victory For French Beekeepers

UNAF 25 Year fight

Beekeepers in germany protesting with a a 'black brush' with which to pollinate crops!


Beekeepers have held protests, and gave Angela merkel a 'black brush' with which to pollinate crops!

Bayer wins case to ban beekeeper protests at annual meeting in Germany


Buglife talk about neonics

Missing bees?
Practical things we can do.

Days of international demonstrations

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