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Amateur Gardening Magazine, And Their Flawed Defense Of Neonicotinoids
Some gardening magazines obtain a decent percentage of their incomes from agrochemical manufacturers, who wish to promote their poisons to the public for use in their gardens.  The magazine, Amateur Gardening published articles defending the use of neonicotinoids pesticides.  Here is a response to the flawed and sometimes ridiculous arguments they used.

Attracting Bees

Plants Toxic For Bees
It may surprise readers to learn that some plants are believed to have negative effects on bees, or even be toxic.

Which Lime Trees Are Toxic For Bees?
Some lime trees are believed to be safe (native specimens), but others, perhaps not!

A Menu For Bees
If bees were to design menus, what would they be like?

Planting Widlflowers Helps Bees
Of course it does - choose native, non-invasive specimens.

How Eating Organic Helps The Bees

Winter Border For Bees

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