A Menu For Bees

Some time ago, as I was busy working in my garden I toyed with the question:

"if I view my garden as a restaurant for wildlife (which I do), how would I design a menu for bees?"

Of course, any restaurant for our furry, buzzy friends must be filled with plants bees like. 

In other words, flowers for bees will be rich in nectar or pollen, or preferably both, but they will also include a variety of flower and plant shapes and any good restaurant for bees would, of course, feature a different menu each season!

Then my thoughts became a little more bizarre as I pondered  the description of the food on the menu.  Hhhmmm...'How would that translate into a menu for bees?' I thought.

Anyway, within a few minutes, here is what I came up with (but in the meantime, if you'd like to view lists of different plants to attract bees, go to this link):

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