Bee Pictures

Are you looking for bee pictures?

Here you’ll find a variety of free images of bees of various types: photographs, bee clip art graphics, and animated cartoon images of bees, all are free for you to copy.

Some of the images are from third party sources. Please take note of any copyright notices as applicable.

Please note, that other than the images on the pages indicated, I do not give permission for use of other pictures displayed on my website.

If you wish to request permission to use any bee pictures from other pages on this website, please contact me first.

Thank you.

Pictures Of Bees
Are you looking for photographs? Take a look at this page for both bumblebee and honey bee images. On this page you will also find tips for taking bee photographs, based on the habits and behaviours of bees.

Bee Clip Art
Some general clip art of all kinds for you to copy and use in project work, presentation, leaflets and on posters as you wish. However, you’ll also find some ideas about how to create your own bee clipart, with easy-to-use computer packages and facilities that are freely available on the internet.

Bumble bee Clip Art
If you specifically wanted bumble bee clip art, you’ll find it here. There are images based on pictures that I hand drew, and also bee graphics that I copied from other free sources, and altered until they looked nothing like the originals.

Cartoon Bee Clips
Here you’ll find a mixture of animated and non-animated cartoon bee graphics. There is a flying bee (….or jumping, depending how you look at it!), and bees moving their antennae and legs! Again, there are instructions for how to create these cartoons.

Cartoon Honey Bee Clips
I’m especially proud of these cartoon honey bees, and again, all of them were devised using simple freely available programs on the internet. You’ll find honey bees buzzing around a jar of honey, a romantic honey bee opening a letter, as well as various non-animated graphics.


Honey bee mating behaviour

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