Bee Nest In The Roof

What should you do if you find a bee nest in the roof, or behind the fascia boards? 

Answer:  It depends on the type of bee - if it's honey bees, best contact a beekeeper

For US visitors who have large species of carpenter bees, go to my page about carpenter bees.

But what about a bumble bee nest in the roof or behind the fascia boards?  I had such a query - here it is, with my reply:

Query about a bumble bee nest and fascia boards

"Hi. I am replacing fascia boards and have come across a bee's nest. I cannot complete the work, what should I do?"

My reply:

"Thank you for your email.  Very tricky situation.

It's a big ask, but:

  • are you able to leave that part of the fascia until the autumn?  OR
  • are you able to replace the fascia, yet leave the bee nest in place, ensuring they can still get in and out?

Another possibility is to attach a wooden bird nest box to the wall near the fascia and move the nest straight into it.

This would be a very good solution if it is possible for you, but it won't be easy.   However, if absolutely necessary, I have some guidance on moving nests.

I'm not clear on whether you are a tradesman carrying out a job, or whether it's your own property, so that you have more flexibility, and I'm not sure of the degree to which access is possible for you.  The guidance recommends moving the nest at night, but if this is not your property, perhaps you could try during the early evening - this is to ensure as many bees as possible have returned to the colony.

Bees are having such a time, so anything you can do to help is appreciated – here is a report regarding the decline of bumble bees (almost a quarter facing extinction in Europe: – in the UK, we’ve already had extinctions).  Only about 18% of colonies are successful in the first place (success means having the chance to produce males and queens).

I appreciate you have sent me your email because you care, and didn't simply want to destroy the nest, and I thank you for that".

graphic explaining that bumble bee nests only last a season. please leave them alone

Heartwarming response:

I received this wonderful reply from the gentleman, it really made me smile!:

"Hi just a quick response to your reply.   I have completed the work and left a small hole in the fascia board. Checked the bees are ok and they are still coming and going as before Cheers again....."

Hooray!  There are some wonderful people around.  Please help too, by spreading the word.  Let's protect, not harm bee nests.  Thank you!

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leafcutter bee on sweet pea plant sweet peas for bees