Lucky Man

by Mike

What a wonder it is to see...
my wife feed honey to the honeybees.

It almost makes me wipe a tear..
the care she takes and with no fear.

She whispers sweet words as they come to eat...
and smiles like a child on a carousel seat.

The love is real and not a show, my wife loves honeybees..
this I know!

Site Owners Comment: What a very lovely poem, thank you so much for sharing, Mike! Well, your wife isn't the only one who whispers to the bees!

Note to other readers: honey bees can certainly be given honey - as long as it is their own. Beekeepers sometimes reserve honey for their bees, after they have removed it from the hive. It is kept back, just in case the bees need it afterall, when it can then be returned to the bees if necessary.

With regard to other bee species, such as bumblebees, if you are wanting to revive them, it is better to give them sugar water. This is because unfortunately, honey can be contaminated with viruses that are not safe for bees, although they are harmless to humans.

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