Bees Poem

If you are looking for a bees poem, check this page where you will find a number of poems about bees.

Additional poems are no longer being collected for this website, for the time being.

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My Friends The Bees 
I love to eat some honey I've loved it all my life. I lick it off my fingers And yes, even off the knife. Bees have just always been there Doing …

Bees Song 
Bees song (To the tune of All Through The Night) Bees are buzzing, pollinating All through the day Feeding larvae, honey making All through the …

Lucky Man 
What a wonder it is to see... my wife feed honey to the honeybees. It almost makes me wipe a tear.. the care she takes and with no fear. She whispers …

Summer's End 
What's troubling the bees? Reports come back to the hive, not good, the messengers glum, no one feels much like dancing: rain upon rain, drought, …

Bee in my tea 
BEE BEE! What are you doing BEE? I am swimming in you TEA! GEE! Please get out of my tea. GEE!

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