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Readers' Poems About Bees

Here are some lovely bees poems submitted by visitors to this website.  For more check this page where you will find a number of poems about bees.

My Friends The Bees

by Murray Christensen
(Invercargill, New Zealand)

I love to eat some honey
I've loved it all my life.
I lick it off my fingers
And yes, even off the knife.
Bees have just always been there
Doing what they do so well.
But now thanks to human kind
We are damming them all to hell.
So if we care to keep them around
I know it's not too late.
Just change the way we farm our land
and leave the chemicals outside the gate.

Honey bee - Apis mellifera on pink marjoram (oregano) flowers.Honey bee - Apis mellifera on marjoram (oregano).

Bees Song

by Oliver Swingler
(Cullercoats, UK )

Bees song
(To the tune of All Through The Night)

Bees are buzzing, pollinating
All through the day
Feeding larvae, honey making
All through the day
But we make their lives confusing
Neonicotinoids using
They get ill, our crops we’re losing
All through the day

Wild insects pollen blending
All through the day
So that plants can be unending
All through the day
But monoculture ploughs are slashing
It’s their habitats we’re trashing
And their numbers they are crashing
All through the day

Promote wildlife gardens growing
All through the day
Stop the GM farmers sowing
All through the day
Help the bees to keep maturing
Harmful chemicals outlawing
Farms organic need restoring
All through the day

Version 2.1 – Lyrics by Oliver Swingler and Making Waves choir, Cullercoats, UK

white tailed Bumble bee foraging on pink common restharrow flower growing from the sand.Bumble bee foraging on common restharrow.

Lucky Man

by Mike

What a wonder it is to see...
my wife feed honey to the honey bees.

It almost makes me wipe a tear..
the care she takes and with no fear.

She whispers sweet words as they come to eat...
and smiles like a child on a carousel seat.

The love is real and not a show, my wife loves honey bees..
this I know!

Summer's End

by Rebecca Leidner
(Madison, WI)

What's troubling the bees?
Reports come back to the hive, not good,
the messengers glum,
no one feels much like dancing:
rain upon rain, drought, illness, famine.

Not like the old days when a bee
could browse for hours among a million blossoms,
come home all a-buzz from a day of prairie-making,
drunk on sweet nectar,
the sunlight still dusting his wings.

What's killing the bees?
The world has changed, but they cannot.
Now in their silent, dreary chambers
the last ones mingle, disconsolate,
Dying of a broken heart.

Bee in my tea!

by Medhashree Adhikari
(irving tx U.S.A)

BEE BEE! What are you doing BEE?
I am swimming in your TEA! GEE!
Please get out of my tea. GEE!

Orange-legged furrow bee Halictus rubicundus - female on Carduus tenuiflorus (slender thistle).Orange-legged furrow bee Halictus rubicundus - female on Carduus tenuiflorus (slender thistle).

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