First Lessons In Beekeeping

Here you’ll find some great tips to supplement your first lessons in beekeeping gained from books, classes, and through attendance at meetings.  However, it’s easy to forget what we have been told, we don’t always know what questions to ask, and anyway, it’s good to look around for ideas.

These tips come from experienced beekeepers.  Hope you find at least some of them useful.  Return to this page as you work your way down the list:


How To ….


Make A Bee Brush
Simple and free of charge, yet gentle on bees.

How To Buy And Clean Used Beekeeping Equipment
Ensure you do not risk spreading diseases to new colonies, and be careful about your purchases.  See these tips on what to buy, and what not to buy.

Move Bees If Necessary
There may be occasions when you will need to move the bees.  Here’s some advice, with a few general tips and thoughts from other beekeepers.


Monitor A Bee Hive
How do you monitor without interfering?


Build Your Own Bee Hive

Download these free top bar bee hive plans – several designs and specs to choose from.


Save Money On Equipment And Clothing
Some ideas for making do, and making your own.


General Tips
From what to do about bees following you around, to ideas for making a simple hive tool holder.

What is a smoker used for and are there any alternatives?

And here are several videos to provide you with more tips:

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Three Tools For Pocket Sized Beekeeping

The powder blower is used with icing sugar, or powdered sugar if you live in the US).  Powdered sugar can sometimes be used instead of a smoker, as an alternative means to calm the bees and distract them into grooming. The grooming has added benefits, such as encouraging the bees to clean away mites. 

How to catch a honey bee swarm:

Perform a quick check on a top bar hive:

General Beekeeping Advice can also be found on this link.

Perhaps you yourself are an experienced beekeeper, and would be happy to share some of your tips and ideas with new beekeepers?  We can all learn from the experience of others, and so much of what we learn is given freely.  If you are happy to share your knowledge and advice, please add your comments in the form below.  Thank you.

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