Beekeeping For Beginners
– Tips From Experienced Beekeepers

If you are new to beekeeping, you may find it useful to gain advice from more experienced beekeepers – and do check out the links below to more tips and further useful information. 

Many thanks to the following beekeepers for the tips they have shared below:

Tips For Novice Beekeepers

1. Tip from Bill C Beekeeper, Baltimore Md

Keep Your Operation SIMPLE!!!
I would encourage everyone who starts or currently has an apiary to keep their operations as simple as possible.

One example is to use all one size super whether it may be deeps or mediums.  The reason behind this important tip is you will have occasion to need a particular size frame for honey production or perhaps expansion of the brood nest.

 If we are using multiple sized supers, deeps and shallows, and only have deeps but need shallows or other way around, it may be too late to order more frames and wait a week or 2 before the order is received.

If we have one size super and frames, it is rather easy to make emergency transfers of frames and boxes without missing a single day! I also encourage everyone starting or continuing to not use any chemical treatments!!!

2. Tips from David Williams,
Drasco, Arkansas, USA

Hive Tool Holder
Use a strong (Rare Earth ) magnet to hold your hive tool in a handy place.

Drop the magnet in your pocket and the tool will stick to it on the outside of your pocket.  Or sew the magnet  in a special made pouch where ever you like it. I like mine low on the side of my beekeeping jacket. To use the tool simply slide it off the magnet.

Beat Free Box Moving
To fasten a hive body and bottom board together in preparation for moving,  I use a small scrap of plywood and screws. Three screws per side will keep it together and prevent the two pieces from shifting. No beating on the hive to drive in staples.  And easy to remove.     Ta-Da !!!

Two screws in bottom board and one in hive body

Two screws in bottom board and one in hive body

3. Tips from Steve Buckner, Murfreesboro, TN, USA

Stubborn Bees
If you have a bee that JUST WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE, walk into some low-hanging branches.  The bees seem to give up quicker when they have to fly around in the branches to get to your face.  A weeping willow works perfectly, if you have one handy.

New Comb
Take a piece of clean honeycomb to work. Everyone will really enjoy looking at it. They will be amazed at how perfect and light it is.  And then they’ll want some honey.

Use A Camera
It’s nice to have a camera ready while inspecting your hives, especially if you have an observer to snap some shots for you.  After you close up the hive, you can take your pictures and look at them as long as you want, and see things you might miss with a bee buzzing in your ear.  Sometimes, we set up a video camera on a tripod so we can go back and re-live the whole thing!

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leafcutter bee on sweet pea plant sweet peas for bees