Bees Song

by Oliver Swingler
(Cullercoats, UK )

Bees song
(To the tune of All Through The Night)

Bees are buzzing, pollinating
All through the day
Feeding larvae, honey making
All through the day
But we make their lives confusing
Neonicotinoids using
They get ill, our crops we’re losing
All through the day

Wild insects pollen blending
All through the day
So that plants can be unending
All through the day
But monoculture ploughs are slashing
It’s their habitats we’re trashing
And their numbers they are crashing
All through the day

Promote wildlife gardens growing
All through the day
Stop the GM farmers sowing
All through the day
Help the bees to keep maturing
Harmful chemicals outlawing
Farms organic need restoring
All through the day

Version 2.1 – Lyrics by Oliver Swingler and Making Waves choir, Cullercoats, UK (which includes 3 Green Party members)

Website Owner's Comment: Thanks Oliver, a great song!

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