Free Bee Posters To Download

I thought I would create several posters about bees, which you can download as a PDF for free.  Each is A4 in size

You could use them to pin on a wall in a school, allotment shed, or in a building used by a youth or kids' activity group.

They are designed to help raise awareness about bees and how we can help them, and I will be adding more posters every now and then.

Also, please see the links below to educational activity sheets which you can also print out.

You can also pin the images on to Facebook - see the images in the right hand margin!


Simply click on the image to download the full size, A4 version, and help spread the word about bees! :)

Note: Clicking on each link opens a new window.

Bees Love Cottage Garden Flowers & Herbs

Simple list of flowers and herbs enjoyed by bees.

Meme - cottage garden herbs poster

Bees Like Wildflowers

Help spread the word about the value of wild flowers for bees!

Meme - bees like wildflowers

Bees Love Clover

Allowing a patch of clover to flourish in the lawn is a very easy way for people to help bees.

Meme - Allowing a patch of clover to flourish in the lawn is a very easy way for people to help bees

Please Leave Bumblebee Nests Alone - They Only Last A Season!

Meme - please leave bumble bee nests alone - they only last a season

Help Solitary Bees

Solitary bees are helpful pollinators and can be attracted to the garden with a simple bee house.

Meme- help solitary bees - with a bee house

Some Bees Hibernate In Hollow Stems!

Many people burn the hollow stems in their gardens at the end of the year.  Please help raise awareness that there may be tiny bees hibernating in the stems.  Some may look like little black flies, being only a few millimeters in length!

Meme- there may be tiny bees hibernating in the stems

Leafcutters Are Friend Not Foe

Meme - showing activity of leafcutter bee on leaves

Help Wool Carder Bees

Meme - plant lamb's ear to help wool carder bees

Observing Bumble Bees

Meme- tip for observing bumble bee activity as they zig zag along the ground hunting for nest sites

Gardens Are Safe Havens For Wildlife

Meme - gardens can be safe havens for bees, insects, birds

Poster - We Grew Food Without Pesticides

Meme - we never grew food without pollinators, but we once grew food without pesticides

For More Free Downloads About Bees.....

Bee-Themed Car Stickers And More

Save the bees plant flowers car bumper sticker
Don't worry bee happy car bumper sticker
Bee kind bee-themed car bumper sticker

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leafcutter bee on sweet pea plant sweet peas for bees