Bee Coloring Pages,
educational activity sheets and fun puzzles free to download

Simple bee coloring pages - free to download

A preview of each coloring page or activity sheet is provided (see right as an example).

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I’m not a professional graphic designer (as you can see!), but I’m a firm believer that inspiring children when they are young is a great thing to do.  That’s why I created these bee-themed pages to color, as well as the activity sheets. 

Some of these sheets are educational, some are for fun only, and others use bee-characters whilst helping a child to use a skill, but not necessarily learning about bees in the process.  For example, 'Spot the difference' encourages children to use their observation skills.

 I hope you find these sheets useful! 

Please feel free to download and print these activity sheets, for use by your own children, or for use in schools and play groups, churches, parent groups – or any groups for kids.  You may also share this page on social media.

Coloring Pages

simple image of a bee for coloring

Simple smiley bee – especially for very young children – features the word ‘bee’ which can also be colored.

simple image of a bumble bee  for coloring

Large bumble bee coloring page – features the word ‘bumble bee’

tree branch with blossoms and several bees flying around the blossoms

Bees with flower blossom – a more complex coloring sheet

sunflower and bee with message 'bees like sunflowers' to color

‘Bees like sunflowers’ coloring page – a happy bee and a tall sunflower, with the words ‘bees like sunflowers’

a variety of flowers and bees to color

Funny little bees with flowers – different flower shapes and several bees – this image is also used in a ‘spot the difference’ puzzle further below

bell flowers and bees to color

Bumble bees and flowers

simple image of a bee and flower for coloring

Large flower and smiley bee

a tree with a beehive next to it with bees flying around it and a beekeeper

Beekeeper coloring page, with a bee hive and next to a tree

a beekeeper examining a bee hive

Beekeeping in practice – featuring a beekeeper at work with honey bees

a skep shaped bee hive with bees

Bee Themed Educational Activity Sheets For Kids

a puzzle where by children complete a sentence with a missing word, then find the sentence in a grid

Bee-themed quiz puzzle

a match up puzzle game where children match 4 bees to the most likely accompanying image, such as a leafcutter bee to be matched with leaves that have had holes cut out

Match the pictures (teaches children about bee behaviours).

maze featuring a bumble bee that needs to find its way to lavender flower

Bumble bees love lavender – maze puzzle

General Bee Themed Activity Sheets And Puzzles

a bee themed word search puzzle

Bee themed word search

bee themed spot the difference puzzle

‘Spot the difference’ bee coloring page

bee themed 'find the small grid in the large grid' puzzle

Bee puzzle – find the small grid inside the large grid

honey comb word search puzzle.

Honeycomb word search puzzle

puzzle to find which bumble bee is the odd one out from the 6 featured

Which bumble bee is the odd one out?

cut out and use door hangers, one reads:
"Buzzzz, I'm as busy as a bee please leave me alone'
the other reads 'Buzzzzz please come in'

Cut out and keep bee door hangers

Creating Coloring Pages And Activity Sheets

All of these pages were created using powerpoint.  In doing so, I adapted clip art, and created my own bee images from scratch, either by using shapes and putting them together, or drawing freehand in picmonkey. 

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