Bee Keeping Supplies

Before purchasing your bee keeping supplies, a few notes

  • Consult with members of your local beekeeping association (if you are a member of one), to ask whether they have arranged a discount with any local firms.

  • A simple internet search will reveal hundreds of suppliers.  It may be tempting buy a lot of equipment you don’t really need.  If you are beginning beekeeping, ask other beekeepers what they think are the essentials, and how they improvise.  You may want some protective clothing, but some beekeepers do find ways to improvise - see here, and the same goes with other pieces of beekeeping kit, such as a bee brush.  You may be keen to purchase a good smoker, although again, other beekeepers have found alternatives – you may prefer to try both – see here.
  • If you are wanting to harvest honey, how much equipment to you need?  


You could purchase a centrifugal extractor – or you could decide to eat the honey how it used to be – as comb honey – which when sold and packaged nicely in fancy jars, can ironically fetch a premium price.  For the amount of liquid honey you desire, you could do this by mushing the honey, then strain it through a piece of muslin (- a bit like jam making – so why not for honey?). 

However, if you are wanting to take small amounts of the honey just for yourself and your family, then why not try it as is – far less mess, no heat treating, and with lots of flavour.

  • There are many options for purchasing used beekeeping equipment, whether it be via your local beekeeping group, Amazon, e-bay or the local ads pages.  Ensure you buy the right things, and that you take steps to minimise the risk of spreading diseases and Varroa mites, for example.

  • Finally, are you interested in building your own beehive?  If so, check out these free top bar hive construction plans which you can download for free.

3 bee hives against a wall

The Lives Of Bees by Thomas D Seeley


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