Bee-themed Activities For Kids At Home

Date: 23rd April 2020

As I write, many schools are closed due to 'lock down' because of COVID-19.

Downloadable Sheets And Activities

I'm a big believer in inspiring and teaching children about bees, and to that end, I have created a range of downloadable puzzles and a list of activities for parents to do with their children.  I'll be adding more soon, so please visit again soon!

Matching card game

image for matching card game

Instructions and information:

• There are 18 different pictures, set out on 3 pages.  Click on the image above to open up a PDF document in a new window.  Print out 2 copies of each page showing the cards, onto white card or stiff paper.

•Cut out the pictures.  Follow the blue line with your scissors as neatly as possible.   You should end up with 36 cards in total.

•Place the cards face down and mixed up so that  the pictures can't be seen.

• The task is to now find the matching pairs!

• The cards can also be used to play ‘snap’.

Honey bees word search puzzle

image for word search puzzle

Grid puzzle

image for grid puzzle

Click on the image to open the PDF of this puzzle in an new window.

Find the small grid in the large grid.

Cut out and keep bookmarks

image for book marks

Click on any of the images above to open a PDF file in a new window.

Cut out and keep the bookmarks.

Cut out and color /colour bookmarks

image for book marks

image for book marks

Click on either of these pages to open a printable PDF in a new window.

Odd one out

image for odd one out puzzle

Click on the image above to open a PDF file in a new window.  

Spot which bee is the odd one out and why.

Outdoor activities and exercises for kids

Create a garden

If you have space outside in your yard, start a mini-bee garden.

Many seed suppliers are selling suitable flower seeds on-line.  You could also take the opportunity to plant food crops pollinated by bees as a means to talk about the link between food and pollinators.  Beans and peas are easily grown from seed and would make a good start.

Make a bee or bug house

If you have space, again a simple bee or bug house can be made from rolled up twigs and hollow plant stems or canes (keep away from stems likely to cause a skin reaction, such as giant hog weed).

Please note, tin cans, glass jars and plastic bottles are not suitable materials for making bee houses, even though the principle of recycling may be a good one - just not a good idea for bees.

Please come back for more activities and downloads later!

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