Where Can I Sell My Beehives?

I received the following query recently:

"Dear BuzzAboutBees

My mother is giving up her allotment where she also has beehives.  Do you have any suggestions as to where she can sell the beehives?"  - Ms H - UK.

As I write, we are still dealing with the Covid pandemic, so selling used beekeeping equipment may be a little tricky. 

The likes of Ebay are a possibility, providing that the beehives can be transported at a reasonable cost, or offered for collection. 

However, if you are giving up beekeeping and have used beehives to sell, take a look at the following suggestions.

Giving up beekeeping and selling your beehives

  • Google your local beekeeping association.   They may be able to put you in touch with a member who wishes to purchase more hives. 

    In addition, many beekeeping associations have Facebook pages where they are active with updates for their members, and this may be a useful avenue for you to make contact.

  • If your hives have housed colonies that have had diseases, please, please, please be honest and responsible about preventing the spread to other bees. 

    It may be the wisest action to dispose of the beehives properly, or at the very least, ensure the purchaser is made fully aware of any problems so that they can take steps to fumigate the hive properly. 

    Taking short cuts would not be a good idea.  Read about dealing with used beekeeping equipment.

  • Be honest about damage or wear and tear.

  • If your beehives contain healthy colonies in clean, disease-free hives, again, your local association will be the ideal place to find a new owner who can also help to move them.  

  • Specialist online beekeeping forums are a good way to make contacts and may help you find potential purchasers in your area. 

    Not all beekeepers are members of associations, or they may simply no longer be active in a local group.

  • In the case of the lady giving up her allotment, it's possible another allotment holder would be prepared to take on the hives. 

    Any training an experienced beekeeper would be able to provide may be much appreciated.

Four Beehives standing on grassy lawn against a wall

Other practicalities

  • Ensure you have factored in transport and any costs associated with selling the hives.

  • Take into account how you will pack and send them.

  • Be clear about exactly what is for sale: supers and any equipment from refractometers to books.  Again, be sure you have thought about how these are to be packed and sent.