When do the bees go?

by Sweet Bee

Why do the bees fly?
Sigh and die
Or be just bees
When are they afraid, or fearless of all
When do they fight, when do they fall
When are they happy or sad?
Bees are always glad
They work and create
Creators of all
Bees are the universe,
In a body so small
Bees are endless,
With their golden stripes of courage
Forever marked on their hair
Forever marked on their hearts
Bees of new, bees of old
All in same, same in all
Eternal in the sky,
Always in time
The wings buzz
As they fly,fly,fly
When do they bees go?

Site owner's comment: Thank you so much 'Sweet Bee' for sharing this very beautiful poem, and for taking the time to add it to this site! Much appreciated.

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