Top Bar Bee Hive Plans

To download your free top bar bee hive plans, simply click on the links below. Please note that clicking on the links opens a new window in each case, so that you can view each plan and compare before printing and saving to your computer.

Top Bar Bee Hive Plans By Phil Chandler

The author of ‘The Barefoot Beekeeper’ and 'Managing A Top Bar Hive', Phil Chandler shows you how to build a bee hive in this free 40 page download illustrating his own bee hive design.

Find out how to create an eco friendly wood preservative for use on the hive – a preservative that is safe for your bees.

Phil is a very experienced beekeeper, and major advocate of bee-friendly (or 'natural') beekeeping.

a top bar bee hive

Warre Bee Hive Plan
Based on the work of Abbé Émile Warré's bee hive design, this metric version of The People’s Hive has been kindly compiled by Dr David Heaf, author of 'The Bee Friendly Beekeeper' (see link below).

Roger Delon's Warré Hive
Roger Delon shows you how to build a bee hive in this PDF, which provides a top bar hive plan, as well as additional notes by Roger Delon.

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