How To Prevent Bee Stings

Prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to help you prevent bee stings:

1. In general, leave bees alone! Allow them to go about their foraging activities in peace. They are not out to deliberately sting you!

2. Do not walk barefoot, or allow children to run around barefoot on lawns, especially flowered lawns featuring clover, cowslips, dandelions or other flowers.  If bees are trodden on by accident, they may sting.

3. If you don’t like them being near you, avoid highly scented hairsprays and perfumes during the day in Spring and Summer, when bees and wasps are more active. Consider wearing an insect repellent if you are able.  There are many available, including wrist bands and lotions.  Repellents can also be used in the garden around picnic areas. 

4. Do not flap or get into a panic when bees or wasps are around. Calmly walk away.

5. If you know you are especially sensitive to stings, speak with your doctor about whether or not immunotherapy would be necessary, effective and appropriate for you.

6. If you discover a bee nest or a bee swarm, move calmly away and contact a local beekeeper. Keep children and pets away from the area.

7. Planning a summer picnic? Take a Waspinator with you to deter wasps.  Wasps are attracted to sweet drinks, cakes and fruit, so keep them covered, and avoid seating close to refuse bins, where wasps may gather.

8. Note that bumblebees will raise their middle leg if they feel threatened. If they feel threatened, it’s your signal to leave them alone.

Remember that most of the time, you can walk around parks and gardens, and you won't even notice the bees, busily going about their business, pollinating fruit and flowers!

Again, a wide range of repellents are available.  Below is a further great selection available from Amazon:

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