Neonicotinoids Are More Toxic For Bees Than DDT

This table appeared on a paper by van Dijk (2010) that was actually quoting evidence gathered by Dr Bonmatin as stated on the graphic. 

dose for dose neonicotinoids are more toxic for bees than DDT

The neonicotinoid clothianidin is 10,800 times more toxic for bees than DDT.

Imidacloprid, a widely used neonicotinoid, is 7,279 times more toxic for bees than DDT, whilst thiamethoxam is 5,400 times more toxic.

It is still astonishing to me that these poisons were approved for such wide scale use, and is even more appalling to me that the EU have approved yet more insecticides that behave in just the same way as neonicotinoids, having (finally, and after dragging their bureaucratic feet for years) restricted 3 of them.


The paper by van Dijk's was titled:

Effects of neonicotinoid pesticide pollution of Dutch surface water on non‐target species abundance.